Oscars Rainout? Organizers Say No Way

oscar__131003122758Come rain or come more rain, the Oscars‘ red carpet show will go on, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences insisted this evening. Despite a freak winter rain storm causing flooding and power outages throughout L.A. County, organizers anticipate no disruption for the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday in Hollywood despite most forecasts calling for more showers. “We’ve been monitoring weather patterns for weeks,” AMPAS communications chief Teni Melidonian said. “We have this covered literally and figuratively.” To ensure that Jennifer Lawrence and other nominees reach the front door of the Dolby Theatre without getting wet, the Academy has unleashed an army of workers to cover the exposed red carpet. The only area that will be exposed Sunday is on the street where the limos will be dropping off their precious cargo. The plan is to have dozens of Academy staffers on hand with umbrellas to provide the needed cover. “We would prefer viewers at home to see sunshine, but otherwise nothing will be different for the red carpet show than any other year,” Melidonian said.

Holllywood Prepares For The 86th Annual Academy Awards


  2. Wow, that is a really really really funny joke. I want to offer you a staff writing position on my show. You got talent kid. Wow. Just wow.

    1. They are calling it Freak because its not the usual light Drizzle that L.A. news stations usually try to pass off as rain.

      It rains harder than this on a daily basis back in Florida and other parts of the country. “OH NO two inches of RAIN!!! The world is coming to an END!!!”

      Try living in the Tropics and sub Tropics and get back to me on what REAL RAINSTORMS ARE

      Also the news tends to forget that with very few exceptions it always “Rains” at some point once the carpet is laid down durring OSCAR week this it totally a non news story

      1. Sorry. You gave the wrong answer. The correct answer is “it is a storm system that, while in season, is above average in the amount of rain it brings to Southern California, but hardly freakish.”

        Other areas get more rain, to be sure, and perhaps our regional language is mis-calibrated, though as I watched the radar images over the past few days, I have to think that the choice for yellow and orange for rainfall quantity per unit of time is based on an absolute, not relative, scale. Maybe it really did rain and rain hard.

        And having lived within two miles of Hollywood and Highland for over 20 years, I have to dispute your characterization that there’s “always” precipitation at some point during the two weeks that Hollywood Boulevard gets closed down so as to prepare for the program.

  3. I know the song says, “It Never Rains in California”, but, yeah it does. That’s why the news stations keep giving us STORMWATCH 2014–looking out the window is just too hard for some people…..

  4. Who wants to see a bunch of pompous actors getting an award to rub it in America’s face watch rich people party. Those rented gowns the actresses wear who wears gowns like that in real life. Televise those that phony baloney oscar show on pay per view.

  5. I luv seeing successful creative people on the show every year and designers exqusite dressings. It just makes my whole year to listen to acceptance speechs and the entire production of music performances. Have fun and all the best of 2014. Xox. Winners.

  6. “Jennifer Lawrence and other[s]”… because that’s all showbiz is these days, isn’t it? Geez.

    1. Exactly. Is she the only person nominated? There are much bigger names than her and much more talented actors.

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