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86th Academy Awards Nominees Photo

UPDATE, 7:18 PM: Here’s the group shot from the annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton today (with closer looks and caption info after the jump). This is the largest number of nominees yet. Our Awards Columnist Pete Hammond had prime seating and wrote about what it was like to be in the room:

86th Oscars®, Nominees Luncheon, Group Photo

86th Oscars®, Nominees Luncheon, Group Photo

86th Oscars®, Nominees Luncheon, Group Photo

86th Oscars®, Nominees Luncheon, Group Photo

Front row seated: Eric Reynolds, Eric Warren Singer, Oliver Tarney, Eric Saindon, Max Lang, Dana Brunetti, Craig Borten, Michael Semanick, Steven Price, Lauren MacMullen, Aldruitha Lee, Patrick Tubach, Erik Nash, Robert Lopez, Robbie Brenner, Tracey Seaward, Robin Matthews, Gloria Pasqua-Casny

Front row standing: Caitrin Rogers, Crispin Struthers, Malcolm Clarke, Greg Orloff, Joey McFarland, Gabrielle Tana, Zachary Heinzerling, Ben Grossmann, Guy Williams, Joel Harlow, Vincent Landay, Beau Borders, Gene Serdena, Richard Hymns, Paolo Sorrentino, Mark Sanger, David Shirk, Richard Suckle, Anthony Katadas, Chris Burdon, Gary Brozenich, Nicolas Reed, Bono

Second Row: Richard Rowley, Spike Jonze, Chris Sanders, Lydia Dean Pilcher, Michael Wilkinson, Albert Bergen, Hany Abu-Assad, K.K. Barrett, William Butler, Peter F. Kurland, Rosie Goodwin, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Burt Dalton, Ethan Hawke, Martin Pensa, Steve McQueen, Jeremy Scahill, Melisa Wallack, Martin Scorsese, Dorothy McKim, Anders Walter, Alexandre Desplat, Glenn Freemantle, Charles Roven, Jan Lachauer, Mike Prestwood Smith

Third Row: Andy Koyama, Chris Lawrence, Megan Ellison, Alexander Payne, Joe Letteri, Matthew McConaughey, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Jonathan Gordon, Baldwin Li, Peter Del Vecho, Adam Stockhausen, Christopher Rouse, Alice Baker, Jared Leto, Mark Taylor, Selma Vilhunen, Jay Cassidy, Julie Delpy, Chris Renaud, June Squibb, Phedon Papamichael, Wylie Stateman, Bradley Cooper, Felix van Groeningen, Mark Gill, Jeffrey Karoff, Jeff Pope, David Brownlow, Joshua Oppenheimer, Chris Buck, Alexandre Espigares

Fourth Row: Tim Webber, Thomas Vinterberg, Terence Winter, Thomas Newman, Roger A. Deakins, Andy Nicholson, Neil Courbold, Kristine Belson, Paul Anderson, Ron Yerxa, Jehane Noujaim, Alan Baumgarten, Billy Ray, David Heyman, Kim Magnusson, Cate Blanchett, Esteban Crespo, John Ridley, Signe Byrge Sorensen, Jonah Hill, Stephen Prouty, Kirsikka Saari, Tim Alexander, Jennifer Lee, Joanne Woollard, Barkhad Abdi, Richard Linklater, Joe Walker, Edgar Barens, David Clayton

Fifth Row: Michael De Luca, Sandra Bullock, Edson Williams, Philippe Le Sourd, Amy Adams, Kirk DeMicco, Alfonso Cuaron, Daniel Sousa, Karen O, Leonardo DiCaprio, Karim Amer, John Mac McMurphy, Dan Sudick, Lupita Nyong’o, Chris Meledandri, Pharrell Williams, Judy Becker, Bob Nelson, Meryl Streep, David O. Russell, Rachel Winter, Christopher Boyes, Bruce Dern, Jeremy Kleiner, Steve Coogan, Steve Boeddeker, Dan Golden, Morgan Neville, Christian Bale, Jason Cohen

  1. Notablly absent. Jennifer lawrence. And I don’t see Chiwetel ejiofor.
    Notably there. Pharell Williams hat.

  2. All the liberal victims are out in full force. “Where are the blacks?” “Where are the women?” Pathetic.

  3. Say you had asked me to wager a bet in 1990 — a bet that by the year 2014, which would happen first:

    a) America would have a black president


    b) the Academy Award nominees would reflect America’s broad and rich diversity

    I would have picked B, because “liberal” Hollywood is so good at promoting left-leaning causes.

    (Geez. That photo looks like a Republican country club in New Hampshire. What a disgrace that the progressive entertainment industry is such a closed club of white people!)

  4. Where are the Asian and Latino/Hispanic people? (or were a handful of black folks more than the Academy’s pipeline to the Oscars could bear?)

    1. Too bad he doesn’t (surprisingly at his age) understand that it’s his current trend, and would this be the best choice for a historic picture to look back on. ie..yearbook, etc…

  5. I had no idea Hollywood was run by racist republicans. Does not compute, it’s almost like they’re a bunch of ‘do what I say, not what I do’ hypocrites.

  6. Visual proof that no one with taste works at the Academy. I’ve seen high school glee club photos from the 50’s with more visual style. The photograph looks like it was taken with the wrong end of binoculars.

  7. Every thing is money or money is every thing for you.why you did not post high res pictures? because may somebody sell your photos? Bono is so poor? why everything in your life is about money?

  8. Wow, Pharrell is really getting a lot of a mileage out of that Vivienne Westwood hat – first the Grammys, then the Beatles tribute, now the Oscars lunch – “all that scratchin’ making me itch”

  9. great pic…to those idiots that comment on color..go f yourself. really. the best of the best. what if it was all black would you bitch there were no whites. go make a difference in the world rather than being someone no one wants to hang out with. bitter people are so depressing. thats why you are not in this picture and never will be.

    1. Leave it to a schmuck like Alan to give voice to repressed white guilt. You sound like a guy in the 1930s trying to defend why blacks need to stay in the Negro baseball leagues. Grow up! Institutionalized racism wears masks. In baseball, it was overt. In Hollywood, as this picture suggests (in addition to stats about the composition of the Writers Guild and Directors Guild) it is more covert.

  10. Seriously? they all have 2 eyes walk upright, and wear clothing, if a Black man can be president what do you suppose it would take for an Asian Latino or any person with different color skin to be standing in this photo? Who will you blame when the white skinned folk aren’t in office of this or that? Fear is a bitch. Go get on that committee, that board, run for office, because you want to, you’re an American get off your a** and do it with your white, Asian, Latino or black skin. So sick of the worn out poor me lets look for differences instead of similarities mentality that keeps us all segregated.!!

  11. I found Leonardo Di’carprio and i found both directors of the movie “Frozen” and i found Kristen-anderson lopez and i found Barkhad Abdi and i found Pharrell williams. i didn’t find michael fassbender, i didn’t find any of the Actors in “Frozen” i didn’t find Tom Hanks, i didn’t find Paul Greengrass and i didn’t find Robert Lopez. anyone im missing out that you feel should be mention please feel free to say :)

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