LMGAAwards_logoThe Location Managers Guild of America will hold its first-ever Location Managers Guild Of America Awards on March 29 at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills. Winners in six categories spanning film, TV and commercials will be announced, and the guild will bestow honorary awards including the Eva Monley Award, presented to an industry pro who has demonstrated ‘above and beyond’ support of the work of location professionals; a humanitarian award; and a lifetime achievement award. Here are the noms:


Outstanding Achievement by a Location Professional – Feature Films
Ilt Jones (Iron Man 3)
John Latenser V (Nebraska)
Rick Schuler & Steve Mapel (Her)
Andrew Ullman & Lori Balton (Saving Mr. Banks)
David Velasco (American Hustle)

Outstanding Achievement by a Location Professional – TV Programs
Robert Boake (Game of Thrones)
Patrick Burn (House of Cards)
Christian Diaz de Bedoya (Breaking Bad)
Caleb Duffy (Behind the Candelabra)
Veronique Vowell (Scandal)

Outstanding Achievement by a Location Professional – Commercials
David Doumeng & Charlie Love (Nike)
Dale Dreher (America’s Got Talent)
Kent Matsuoka (Mountain Dew)
Barbara Miller (Optimum)
Byll Williams & JJ Levine (Gatorade)

Outstanding Location Feature Film
American Hustle
Fruitvale Station
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Outstanding Location Television Program*
Breaking Bad
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
NCIS: Los Angeles
*(Six nominees due to a tie)

Outstanding Film Commission
Albuquerque Film Commission (Breaking Bad & Lone Survivor)
Film in Iceland (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)
Film LA (NCIS: Los Angeles)
Long Beach Film Commission (Dexter)
South Pasadena Film Commission (Dexter)

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