Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper Drop F-Bombs On Live Critics' Choice Movie Awards Show

Sandra BullockAnd the award for quickest bleeping fingers goes to … the CW‘s censors. Only a half-hour into the live broadcast of the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, two people already have dropped F-bombs onstage. Leave it to the erstwhile Miss Congeniality to spice up a live awards show. Gravity star Sandra Bullock was accepting her trophy for Best Actress in an Action Movie when a voiced momentarily boomed over the PA. Her reaction was bleeped, but even the most amateur lip reader could figure that she said “What the f**k?” She smiled and continued with her speech. Minutes later, Bradley Cooper joined the potty-mouth party too. Onstage to accept the Best Acting Ensemble award for American Hustle, he referred to his colleagues as “these f**king actors.” The CW actually went 3-for-3 on the bleep button, including a fleeting “sh*t” from Cate Blanchett as she accepted the Best Actress award for Blue Jasmine. That’s better than NBC managed when the network let Jacqueline Bisset’s loud-‘n’-clear “sh*t!” get on the air during the Golden Globes telecast last weekend.

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  1. I’m honestly trying to figure out why American Hustle has been nominated for so many awards. Good marketing and Oscar campaign? Certainly the movie did not have much depth and is clearly overrated.

    1. Exactly. They’ve got a big surprise coming to them bc they’ll only walk away with 2 awards at best. Unfortunately, Jennifer Lawrence will probably win bc she’s the new “it” girl in town despite her performance being much less impressive than the other 4 nominees. Good grief.

    2. Agreed. American Hustle is absolutely tedious and dreadful , and I fell asleep during the film . All of the film performances are forgettable and mediocre . I still don’t understand the hype around Jennifer Lawrence . She can’t act out of a wet brown paper bag with a hole in it . Eventually , the public and Jennifer’s peers are going to finally come to their senses about her very limited acting range.

  2. Can’t understand that hype around American Hustle too. I almost hated it. And it was boring, with no sympathetic characters.

  3. So if you were being shot at by a while bunch of people you wouldn’t be cursing at all? The f word count was way lower in that movie than many many other movies.

  4. Are you guys serious? American Hustle is the best movie of the year because it really IS that good. Sharp writing, superb performances from an equally stellar cast, excellent character development and an edgy, gripping, FUN film. This movie def. deserves all of it’s critical acclaim.

    1. No, no no. It was a good film, but by no means was it a great film. And Jennifer Lawrence was excellent and deserves a nom, as does Amy Adams, but the film… No.

  5. Better yet, how about everyone stop acting so uptight about “curse words” ! For example, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge is actually an abbreviation of the term. I would give more examples, but the overly sensitive folks out there would freak the frack out.

    1. They’re collecting an award. Not at a bar looking to get fucked. There’s a time and a place for everything.

    2. the swear word acronym thing is urban legend. if you did a bit of research, you would find that acronyms were quite uncommon until recent history, hundreds of years after the inception of that and many other words. another popular example is golf.

  6. These vapid celebs are as shallow as the L. A. river during a drought. You would think they could eek out a little bit of class when they know they are on TV, but they just can’t.

    Overpaid, overwrought and overexposed.

  7. Who cares. They’re dopey actors who only know how to speak lines written to them by much smarter people. Sometimes well.

  8. Folks, question here is who’s watching the CW anyways? Is anyone really going to notice this unless it is stated on websites such as this one? Otherwise, why even bother reporting it?

  9. This is seriously an article, what are you collecting money for the swear jar?

    The reason Sandra bullock swore was because someone came on the loudspeaker scaring her

  10. So they dropped a few f’ings here and there, seeing life’s short I could careless what they dropped…

  11. I know people in LA in the business and people in NY not in the business who are all saying the same thing – American Hustle is not that great. this is how I feel, too. WTF is going on? The academy is not in touch. This is really suspect.

  12. The fanfare over American Hustle is reminiscent of Crash a few years back. I didn’t know one person who liked Crash, yet it won three Oscars. As for the Critics Choice awards, it was a big snooze.

  13. It is a way for basically boring people to try and look cool and edgy. It just makes them look desperate to be cool and edgy and it failed.

  14. “…when the network let Jacqueline Bisset’s loud-’n’-clear “sh*t!”

    I thought South Park knocked that one off the list with its “Night of a Hundred S**ts” episode? Are network standards different than basic cable? Go on channels like BBC America. Watch any of the gritty, British dramas. They’re let the ‘S’ word fly without any bleeps.

  15. I loved American hustle, the movie I think that is terribly overrated is 12 years a slave as well as Nebraska

  16. Would some talented writer please come up with a term other than F-bomb? Sounds like a term used in high school.

  17. Dan’s working late at Sony tonight everyone… If Christian Bale wasn’t in it, it would have been awful. It was on par with Ocean’s Thirteen.

  18. All of the people downgrading the caliber of the films nominated this year are coming off as nothing more than jealous trolls. There was an old saying that “obvious troll is obvious,” and you mofos are way obvious.

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