OSCARS: Can 'American Hustle' Move Into Frontrunner Status With The Help Of Ensemble Cast? (Video)

EXCLUSIVE: It was to be a big night for American Hustleeven if loopy and notorious film critic Armondamerican_hustle_ver6_xlg White stole some of the headlines from Monday night’s New York Film Critics Circle awards ceremony by heckling 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen from the back of the room. But it shouldn’t take away from a night of celebration for all those winners. For the record, and according to media and Twitter accounts (I’m in L.A. and wasn’t there), White, a former NYFCC President (!) who does this sort of boorish behavior often at these ceremonies, called McQueen derogatory names (I don’t have to repeat them). The black “critic” has been on record as not appreciating McQueen’s film (to say the least). Seriously New York Film Critics, why do you let this guy in the building? Hopefully the director and his distinguished and iconic presenter Harry Belafonte (who reportedly brought many to tears with his moving remarks) didn’t hear any of it. At any rate Best Actor Robert Redford (All Is Lost) and Best Actress Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) were on hand to lend a touch of class as well as Supporting Actor winner Jared Leto of Dallas Buyers Club. But the big winners of the evening (as previously reported when results of the voting were announced on December 3) were the gang from Sony’s American Hustle which took Best Picture, Best Screenplay for David O. Russell and Eric Singer and Best Supporting Actress for an absent Jennifer Lawrence who was stuck filming another Hunger Games sequel and sent co-star Bradley Cooper to accept. Russell was there to accept his award as well as producers Megan Ellison, Richard Suckle and Jonathan Gordon (Chuck Roven did not make the trip) for Best Picture. Enthusiastic screenplay presenter James Toback called Russell “a great American artist” and praised the film as one of the greatest he has ever seen. It’s certainly a major player this awards season with 2 SAG nominations, 7 Golden Globe nods and 13 Critics Choice Awards noms in addtion to PGA, WGA and now DGA  nominations so far. Here’s an exclusive look at several character featurettes highlighting the work of its SAG-nominated ensemble cast:

    1. I do believe this is some of Bale’s best work…he should at the least be nom’d for a Best Supporting.

  1. To me, American Hustle is nothing more than Argo II, except the acting is better. Well-made movie with great acting, but way too long. I can’t believe that we will ignore 12 Years a Slave when it comes time for Best Picture.

  2. Who told Bradley Cooper he can act? ! He had his lunch handed to him whenever Christian Bale or Amy Adams share screen time with this guy. Go back to being a Bugle Boy model. As for the film, Bale and Adams are incredible- but the film is Russell’s feeble attempt to be Scorsese, and because of it- the film is weak. His use of music was annoying and disruptive. He needs to watch more of Marty’s films before he tries to copy one.

  3. awards are bought not won by merit.

    AH was a shitshow in terms of direction
    the actors were great. but this is a mess of a movie.

  4. Are you guys serious? American Hustle is one of the BEST movies of the year. It is probably the most thought-provoking and fun experience I have had at the theatre since The Departed. Which is why you go to the movies–to be entertained, to laugh, to cry, to connect with strong characters and superb writing. AH had all of this and more. It really is an excellent cinematic experience.

    1. RE: “the most thought-provoking and fun experience I have had at the theatre since The Departed.”

      Dennis, you obviously don’t see a lot of movies. American Hustle is an absolute mess with far too much improv that completely ruins any sense of a cohesive script. Unfortunately, it will probably win Best Picture, because this has been one of the most unremarkable movie years in recent memory.

  5. It feels to me like the Best Picture Oscar is likely going to go to “American Hustle,” “Gravity,” or “12 Years A Slave.” If the awards were held today, I think “American Hustle” would win.

  6. I disagree – Argo stayed on point and had real suspense and great pacing. Hustle may have created a few believable characters but the space given to their development was given at the expense of the plot which drags. No one said a heist film needs to be exciting but it’s an odd genre to be so loose with.
    Very different films, though I question how truthful it is to classify Hustle as a real comedy.

  7. How can there be 2 people in the 100 year history of Hollywood named Steve McQueen and no one ever comments about it? Should we have another Dustin Hoffman or Vivien Leigh and have it go completely unnoticed?

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