OSCARS: Who Got Snubbed By Academy?

Oscar Snubs and Surprises

A big part of Hollywood woke up early this morning to Oscar dreams of getting an Academy Awards nomination. Some like 12 Years A Slave for Best Picture, Dallas Buyers Club’s Matthew McConaughey and Gravity‘s Sandra Bullock for Best Actress were a lock. Unfortunately, for some others, they’d barely wiped the sleep out of their eyes before there was nothing to do but go back to bed in disappointment at having not made the cut. Once again, the Academy proved there’s still a wild card factor to who will and won’t get a nomination. Having said that, after all the campaigning, all the encouraging words and all the hopes, even against the odds, it still sucks to be one of those left holding a losing hand. Here’s some of the deserving actors, directors and films who were overlooked in today’s nominations announcement by AMPAS President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and Thor himself Chris Hemsworth:

imagesOprah Winfrey The former talk show queen returned to the big screen with Lee Daniels’ The Butler in a stellar performance after a 15-year absence and the Academy negates her? The SAG Awards, the BAFTAs and the Critics Choice Awards all gave Oprah a nomination for her role as boozy Gloria Gaines, the Butler’s wife, but not the Academy? What are they drinking over there?

Inside Llewyn Davis The folksy Coen brothers’ film didn’t get a lot of love from the Guilds but the Grand Prix winner at last year’s Cannes Film Festival certainly did warrant one of the 10 possible Best Picture spots.

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Robert Redford He didn’t say a lot in All Is Lost but as an old man battling the sea and a lot more, the Sundance founder spoke volumes in the J.C. Chandor-helmed pic. He won a Gotham Award, a New York Film Critics Circle Award and got an Independent Spirit nomination in the process. However, 40 years after Redford last was nominated for Best Actor for The Sting, that all obviously fell on deaf ears with Academy members.

Fruitvale Station Bursting out of last year’s Sundance Film Festival, this remarkable debut by director Ryan Coogler of the last day of Oscar Grant III on January 1, 2009 was picked up by the Weinstein Company and found fans everywhere – including the White House. Yet nothing for Coolger, nothing for star Michael B. Jordan and nothing for the film – that’s just a crime.

tom hanksTom Hanks Maybe there is a limit to how many Oscars one man can have but the actor’s performance in Captain Phillips as the taken hostage merchant mariner was certainly more than sea worthy of a nom today.

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Emma Thompson Not even a spoon full of sugar will help this bitter pill go down. Saving Mr. Banks was Ms. Thompson’s film. Her turn as the difficult, to say the least, Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers should have seen her as one of the ladies getting that nomination today.

August: Osage County Yes Meryl Streep got her 18th Oscar nomination for her role as the pill popping sharp tongued widow but there was no Best Picture nor Best Adapted Screenplay for August: Osage County. Some people might not like the truth telling, but those oversights are just plain wrong.

Daniel Brühl – The German actor’s performance as Formula 1 ace Niki Lauda in Ron Howard’s Rush picked up Golden Globes, BAFTA and SAG Awards nominations for Best Supporting Actor. Sure he lost out to Jared Leto at Sunday’s GG ceremony but the Academy didn’t even put him on the track today.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler Coming out in the year of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the hit White House-based Civil Rights drama had a story for our times as well as strong performances from Forrest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. Maybe the last film to be produced by Laura Ziskin was too epic, maybe it was too black or maybe the dust-up the Weinstein Company had with Warner Bros and the MPAA over the initial The Butler title rubbed some people the wrong way but the powerful pic deserved better.

gandolfiniJames Gandolfini – Seriously Oscars? The late great actor’s performance in the posthumously released Enough Said from director/writer Nicole Holofcener has SAG Awards and Independent Spirit Awards Best Supporting Actor nominations but you couldn’t see the worth and artistry? Enough Said showed the great range and depth of Gandolfini as an actor, it’s the Academy’s loss that they didn’t decide to recognize that.

Sam Rockwell – Yeah The Way Way Back seemed to come out so long ago (it actually premiered at Sundance last year) but the actor’s supporting role performance in the dramedy was a fresh as the day and the year is long. It would have been a long shot if Rockwell had gotten a nomination but it was a bet worth making and the Academy should’ve made it.

Paul Greengrass – Captain Phillips gets a nom but the director whose vision it was doesn’t? Nothing new for the Academy but more wrong than usual in this case.

grandmasterThe Grandmaster Before today a Wong Kar Wai film has never even been nominated for an Oscar. Just think about that for a second – one of the greatest filmmakers of our time hasn’t even made the final list, let alone won. Despite his Chinese marital arts epic being one of the nine finalists for the five nominees for this year’s Best Foreign Language Film, the maestro and The Grandmaster were denied their rightful due. Yeah, The Grandmaster received  cinematography and costume design noms today but there is a Foreign Language spot that it should have had.

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Scarlett Johansson – She was brought in to replace Samantha Morton as the voice of the operating system in Spike Jonze’s Her after filming had wrapped but it’s hard now to imagine anyone but The Avengers actress playing the challenging computer role. Hard also to see how she could have been overlooked for what should have been her first Oscar nomination.

Blackfish The controversial and very popular pic looking at the three deaths related to SeaWorld’s Tilikum and the sometimes fatal consequences of keeping killer whales in captivity was left off the Best Documentary list. A mistake.

Young And Beautiful” – Did an anonymous mailing campaign last year that wrongly claimed the Lana del Ray tune from The Great Gatsby was ineligible for Best Original Song do its damage? Somehow this very eligible song got the silent treatment today.

Monsters University No prequel love for Pixar this year in the Best Animated Feature category.

    1. rules were altered
      it was 5 best pictures
      then changes to 10 best pictures
      now the number varies it can be between 5 and 10 pictures

    2. They expanded it to 10 for the 2009 Oscars. A year or 2 later, they added a clause that the 6th through 10th most nominated films would need to have at least 5% of the nominations to be included. The 2011, 2012, and now 2013 Oscars all have 9 BP nominees, so the 10th most nominated film in each of these years must have had less than 5% of the nominations.

    3. ….and why did Lone Survivor get ignored for the tenth slot?
      A late arrival, but loved and respected by America.

      At least,best adapted screenplay.

      Nothing fair about a good old boy network

    4. The Weinstein dustup was significant in my mind. Oprah wasn’t that good but Forrest Whitaker was the motion picture. If black people are going to survive the years we are in, stories told as Whitaker’s personna, demonstrated, is the mechanism by which they will do it. Every minority has overcome its limitations by circumventing majoity opinion and culture. This is the story of blacks which Whitaker presents, and in no other way can this thesbian dialogue by a modern entertainment titan be so boldly told. Whitaker, not only tells a story but mainstreams an entire race by his presentation. This is the mainstreaming of a race, as only a master thesbian could produce, and Forest Whitaker did do! Oprah and Weinstein speak for themslves.

    1. Show of hands… Who wants to chip in and throw a separate Oscar ceremony only for Emma Thompson?! I do!!!!

      1. Maybe for Emma but the film itself was not noteworthy.

        AMERICAN HUSTLE was tonally all over the place. Kudos to David for being “experimental” and being “enchanted” by “people’s kitchens and what perfume they wear” but come on, I’d say THE BUTLER, for example, was far more a doozy of a predicament, no?

      2. Count me in!

        This is what happens when you open membership to punk-ass kids who vote for artsy, airless tripe instead of solid, professional filmmaking.

    2. Am I the only one who is kind of sad that the already super distant possibility that Julie Delpy could have been nominated didn’t happen? I still think it was one of the best, most honest heart breaking truly organic performance I have seen in years. I will never understand how the academy members think… not really.

      1. Good point! I never once saw Delpy’s name even mentioned in speculation over Best Actress nominees. A terrible oversight!
        But I’m even angrier over the Best-Supporting-Actor snub of Jenemy Renner, who all but walked off with “American Hustle” as a New Jersey pol whose heart was in the right place if not his ethics. A consummate performance, so rich and earthy I found it hard to believe I wasn’t watching the real mayor of Cameden, NJ. circa late ’70s. What does it take to be nominated for an Oscar? I’s a question Renner must be asking himself at the moment.

    3. Is this a joke? Emma Thompson played a characterless character with no depth in a very bland movie.

      Neither were worthy of nomination when measured vs the rest of the field.

      1. Amen to both opinions! An overly mannered performance in a sentimental movie bearing scant resemblance to historical fact.

  1. How shameful that the first article on the nominations from Deadline is about who didn’t get nominated instead of who did.

    Lists lists like these drive me crazy–writers who pass judgement on ‘who got snubbed’ should be made to list what movies/performances should NOT been nominated if they are going to list who should because there can’t be 15 Best Picture nominees.

  2. The biggest omission is Tom Hanks for “Captain Phillips.”

    How could “American Hustle” not be nominated for hair and make-up?

      1. But it was appropriately terrible. Anyone who lived through the era can attest to the fact that, although the hairstyles were bad, the ones in the movie were accurate.

        1. Precisely! Late-’70s hairstyles were ghastly, as the movie vividly bore out. Why punish someone for telling — or in this case showing — the truth?

  3. Oprah didn’t deserve the nominations she already received, let alone an Oscar nomination. The Butler as a whole was hype over substance, especially when the clearly superior 12 Years a Slave was released the same year. I don’t know why anyone would think a movie tracking 73% on Rotten Tomatoes would have garnered more Oscar nominations.

    1. so theres a quota? only one movie dealing w/ african american themes can receive oscar nominations? the butler was a great film…it deserved many oscar nominations..esp best pic & best actress

  4. I was thrilled that Oprah Winfrey was “snubbed.” She’s a talk show host/interviewer who’s dabbled in acting and is not deserving of the acting profession’s highest award. The Butler pales in comparison to the other nominees. I’m particularly excited about this year’s nominees because all are genuine actors, people who have dedicated their lives to pursuing their craft. Winfrey simply doesn’t belong in that group. Moreover, as a black film-lover, I wish Winfrey would use her money and clout to create more opportunities for other acting professionals instead of snatching up the few roles for black women for herself.

    1. Yep, Oprah, please stop being so freaking greedy. You have enough, lady. There are so few roles for African American actresses, why must you take thoes too?

      1. you and your ally up there (the self proclaimed “black film-lover”) need some education on how characters are vetted and given the roles or you are both plain ignorant… Oprah did not snatch the role from other black actresses she was offered a role and she took and she played it brilliantly. So brilliant that the real movie analysts, unlike you two, noted that her and the movie deserved nomination.

      2. Oprah was cast in The Color Purple before her national talk show. And she was influential in getting Beloved, The Butler, and Precious to the big screen, which launched Thandie Newton, Kimberly Elise, and Gabourey Sidibe. If you’re going to blame anyone for snatching up roles that genuine black actresses deserve, blame the people who cast singers like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Whitney Houston.

  5. Two people that got Oscars: Whoopi Goldberg and Cher. Two People that never got Oscars (other than honorary awards): Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock. Tell us again how the Oscars mean anything to anyone besides the sycophantic bootlickers in Tinsel Town. The rest of America is waking up to all of you.

    1. THIS!! Thank you.. it’s simply Hollywood giving themselves a pat on the back for how awesome they are and hyping it up so that the average person gives it attention.

    2. Whoopi didn’t beat Alfred Hitchcock for an Oscar, so the comparison is ridiculous. Wanna shit on technical awards too?

    3. Cary who and Alfred what? Bruce Wayne’s butler? Dude, why don’t you try listing some people from the last 3 decades for those of us under 30.

      1. Dude, why don’t you take a fling at watching Grant and Hitchcock on Turner Classic Movies? You just might take a liking to them!

      1. No. It’s not an original song and it wasn’t eligible. ILD producers were asked about this and they confirmed it.

        1. Who cares? There hasn’t been a good Oscar-winning song written in years — MANY years. Often they can’t even find enough to fill all five nomination spots.

  6. Some of these omissions are surprising, but the reality is there’s just 5 slots for all the categories except best picture. We all have our favorites, but I’m curious to know who you would have bumped in these categories in favor of performances you feel were snubbed. Is there anyone you thought didn’t deserve to have their name called today?

    1. True. It would have been a ballsy post to say who should have been dropped. There were six movies “snubbed,” so the implication is that six of the 10 nominated didn’t deserve it as much. Which six?

      (BTW, Peter O’Toole never won, either. They had to give him an achievement Oscar to make up for it.)

  7. How in the world did Emma Thompson not get nominated? Before Cate Blanchett’s momentum built, Thompson was considered the frontrunner! And afterward, Thompson still had enough buzz to easily take one of the spots.

    Please, please tell me that all this speculation and controversy about Walt Disney’s possible prejudices didn’t cost her the nomination.

    1. Given the snubbing of Saving Mr. Banks and Thompson, I’m wondering if playing the controversial Walt Disney cost Hanks his Captain Phillips nomination. The Academy is obviously on the side of those who believe Disney held some very prejudiced beliefs.

      1. Well, Meryl Streep certainly knows how to play this game! If they were snubbed over the Disney controversy, then Meryl’s ploy worked. Also, her speech brought to mind Thompson’s support of the Palestinian cause. Meryl should not have gotten the slot. Christian Bale over Hanks is silly, as is the Bradley Cooper nomination.

        1. Hank’s performance very overrated. Christian Bale’s performance has not been praised enough this awards season.

        2. I’m sorry. Why isn’t anyone talking about Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill. Lawrence is a great actress but was a total miscast in American Hustle. She was average and annoying in and tried to push too hard. Why is Jonah Hill a two time Oscar nominee? When there are phenomenal actors out there that have not received any? Someone please explain this to me. He’s an okay actor that does the same thing every time. The award should go to his team that has brainwashed people to nominate him.

          1. I couldn’t agree more re: Jennifer Lawrence’s miscast and amateur performance in AH. The acting by Bale, Renner, and Adams was the only aspect that kept this hollow, meandering film the slight bit interesting. I am shocked by the overwhelmingly positive critical response for this film.

        3. As much as I hate to agree with you (Because I love Meryl Streep) I have to say that speech was very suspicious. I mean maybe she didn’t intentionally do it to kick one potential nominee off of the list and clear a little bit of the field (I mean did she really need to? Her nomination was pretty much a lock) but who does that? Who bashes one of the characters in movie whose star they’re supposed to honor and present? At least, it was definitely tactless and a total bum move.

          1. Have to agree that Streep was strangely tactless in that speech. It wasn’t the time or place to air her grievances about Disney. She was supposed to honor Thompson, who should have been nominated today.

    2. Cate Blanchett was a lock for a nomination, since Blue Jasmine came out last summer. Saving Mr. Banks only came out over a month ago. In what universe was Emma Thompson the frontrunner?

      1. At the time, it appeared Thompson’s performance would be fresher in voters’ minds. Plus, she was killing it with her charm and wit in interviews and festival screenings. It wasn’t until the numerous critics groups began praising Blanchett that folks realized Thompson had a serious competitor.

        1. Emma Thompson should get an award for working as hard as she has to try to promote Mr. Banks into something like a hit because it’s a major misfire as a film. The script wasn’t ready for shooting and it’s a paint-by-numbers production. This watered down story that pulls every punch then tries to wring tears from simple schmaltz and the awards hype they ginned up made it seem not just dull but fraudulent.

    1. Llewyn Davis turned this Coen Bros. lover into a hater. Yes, I’m a hater now. Llewyn Davis was abominable.

        1. Nuts to you! “Nebraska” and “Llewyn Davis” were both terrific films, although there’s no denying the Coens’ movie was depressing to the max. But sometimes life itself is a bummer, and “Llweyn Davis” went straight for the gut. Its’ major-awards snub is a perfect example of how smile-buttonish Academy voters can be.
          So what was YOUR favorite film? I’d bet apples to oranges it was “Saving Mr. Banks.” So cute, so mawkish, such a blatant rewrite of history, such a shameless self-endorsement of the studio that made the movie. Gag me.

    2. Why did DAvis’ songwriting partner commit suicide? (Maybe if the Cohens had answered this quesiton, the movie would’ve gotten a nomination?)

      1. MUST everything be spelled out for moviegoers? The mere fact that his partner’s death still haunts the potentially suicidal Llewyn forced audiences to dig deep into their own feelings as to why life can be so brutally sad.

  8. Big acting snubs – Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips and Emma Thompson for “Saving Mr. Banks.”

    And how did “American Hustle” not get nominated for hair and make-up?

  9. Redford was definitely snubbed. Some years 5 nominations just isn’t enough. There should 7 nominations for the major categories like acting and directing, not just 5.

  10. Oprah – thank God that stupid Butler movie was ignored. And Oprah. There was nothing special about her performance. Nothing.

    Inside Llewyn Davis – no love for that over hyped movie. I support it.

    Robert Redford – saw the movie. Liked it. But it was not Oscar worth performance. It was just ordinary movie about survival in the sea. Interesting one, but not for the awards consideration.

    Fruitvale Station – another over hyped boring movie that went nowhere. Good call Oscars.

    Emma Thompson – crime against acting. How on earth they could not nominate Emma? She was better then Amy Adams, Judi Dench and Maryl Streep. One of them should have been out and Emma in.

    Lee Daniels’ The Butler – Thank you Oscar. That was such boring movie. Couldn’t sit through it.
    Sam Rockell – another time.

    Paul Greengrass – should have been nominated instead of Alexander Payne

    James Gandolfini – are you kidding. We loved him. It was sad and heartbreaking when he died. But let’s not give him nominations only because he died.

    Scarlett Johansson – she was freaking voice. She does not deserve any nominations for voice work. Ler’s face it – the only reason it was so hyped is because it was famous actress Johansson. If some unknow actress would do wonderful voice work for that movie then no one would notice her at all. But hey – it’s Scarlett Johansson, lets give her all nominations now…

    Justin Timberlake – thank God Justin Timberlake will not be Oscar nominee. Even if for the song.

    Daniel Bruhl – so heartbreaking and unfair. That stupid Jonah Hill took his place. WHY? Why on earth they keep nominating Jonah Hill for Oscars? There wasn’t anything special or hard about his performance. Just ordinary performance.

      1. Well, GEE, don’t cry, bro.

        Actually, your COMMENT was boring AND stupid.

        Got it? I knew you could!

      2. I liked 12 Years A Slave. And happy that 3 actors received Oscar nominations for it. It was good movie. But you now not every movie about race has to receive multiple Oscar nominations only because it’s about race. And when Butler premiered people thought that it will have nominations because it’s about race and shaming white people.

        If that movie would be about any other subject that it would go completely unnoticed by everyone. Because it was boring and weak movie. With weak performances basically from every actor. I tried to watch it. But after 30-40 minutes I completely lost interest in what was happening. In the end the only interest was to see how another star will get in presidents shoes.

        Maybe Butler would have few nominations because they like to nominate every movie about race at least for something. But then another, much more superior and better movie about race showed up (12 Years A Slave) and killed any chances that Butler and Fruitvale Station had.

    1. To be fair, Jonah Hill was quite good…but, Daniel Bruhl was spectacular. So sad he did not get recognized for playing Niki Lauda so brilliantly.

  11. Looks like the snubbed the movies based on fairytale non-fiction. Oprah, Hanks, Redford are acting in movies that run in opposition to reality. Capt Philips cowered in his cabin. Eisenhower wrote the Civil Rights Act, not Kennedy. And Redford is just another ginger eco-terrorist.

  12. Thompson is a surprise snub but why is no one talking about the surprise noms and win for Jennifer Lawrence. Her performance was pedestrian and ant actor could’ve performed that role. Enough, it wasn’t great.

    1. Jj, thank you. Jennifer Lawrence is beyond overrated. Her New York accent was awful and very distracting in American Hustle , and she was never believable in her role. It was like a teenager playing grown-up role .

      1. I couldn’t agree more with you both. While I enjoyed her performance in both Hunger Games movies (to me she WAS Katniss Everdeen), in American Hustle I frankly found her silly. I know in Hollywood there’s no such thing as a woman being too young, but for this role she was. Or at least too vanilla. The wackiness was so self-conscious. Look she has big hair! Look she kissed another girl! She smokes and bitches about her ex so he must be bipolar! What was the big deal?

  13. The butler was snubbed but when the like’s of the brilliant Her snuck in you can’t really complain. Lee Daniel’s won the war though, his film did insanely well with audiences and box office. Fruitvale station was over hyped right from the start and whatever qualities it may possess it couldn’t maintain that steam for 12 months solid. Michael Jordan will get his due in time. Emma Thomson was a surprise snub considering how beloved she is but I guess the film’s weaker critical and box office response killed her chances dead. It’s tragic when the over acting Meryl streep gets in for one of her rare, truly shoddy performances. Robert Redford was shut out but they couldn’t get the film out in time and the best actor race was bloodly enough as it is. It’s a shame inside Llewyn davis lost out but I loved that film and can understand why it was shut out. Oscar isaac will be back in due time. Most funny shut out was monsters university! When something like the croods got in it’s hard to see anything but the next in a long pixar backlash. It’s going to be a brutal year for them with disney have such success with frozen while they toil over their dinosaur mess and reheated nemo movie.

  14. Please Mr. Kennedy was not eligible.

    Can’t you say the same thing about the other directors not nominated? The truth is the film was a piece of fiction based on real events. This is kind of like The Hurricane…Hollywood made a hero out of a less than heroic guy…

    Saving Mr. Banks getting snubbed is very sad. This is an anti-Disney movement within the Academy.

    Inside Llewyn Davis was brilliant. But how ironic the establishment doesn’t award a film that’s about an artistic rejected by the establishment?

    Of course Oprah wasn’t going to get nominated…she’s not an actress! She’s the ultimate stunt casting…as the entire film was…

    Sam Rockwall got the shaft…but I blame the studio. Very little marketing. Great film. Unsupportive studio.

    1. Great point about “Llewyn Davis.” I think it’s probably the Coens’ best film — certainly the one most grounded in reality. What a surprise: Naturalism fits these guys very well!

  15. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make claims as to who should have been included in the nominations. But unless you are willing to tell me who you are insisting should be taken off the list to be replaced by one of your favorites I’ve just got to say this story itself needs to be snubbed. Or am I just suppose to assume that you are going with Oprah over Judy Dench, for example?

  16. This was a ridiculously competitive year but Butler could have at least got a best picture nomination and some costume and makeup noms. Also Scarlett Johanssen’s performance in HER getting ignored/snubbed is a real travesty.

  17. Blue is the Warmest Color is perhaps the best film I saw all year in a year with some outstanding pictures. Adele E’s performance was amazing.

    1. Blue actually wasn’t eligible. Something dumb like it premiered in France a week after the qualification period ended.

      It’ll be eligible next year, if people still remember it.

  18. For Emma Thompson to be snubbed for her portrayal as author of Mary Poppins is a CRIME ! Most people who watch that film and “get it” walk out of the theatre with heavy tears in their eyes after being completely taken aback by her ongoing large screen magnificence throughout the film. One can only wonder if the dumbing down/numbing down of Americans is perhaps the reason why no one took the time to actually watch the film and absorb it’s very universal, multidimensional message; it quite literally went over their heads. To put Meryl Streep’s mediocre performance in a sub-par, mediocre, sad and boring, Tennesee Williams’ style soap opera of gloom & darkness over the UPLIFTING “Saving Mr. Banks” with it’s very human, inspirational message is simply ghastly. It speaks a LOT for what Americans value in life: garbage

    1. Uh….no, Eduard G. It was Cate Blanchett who emoted in a Tennesee Williams-style soap opera. Namely, “Blue Jasmine,” which so blatantly paralleled “A Streetcar Named Desire” I’m amazed Woody Allen was eligible to receive a Best Original Screenplay nomination. As for “Saving Mr. Banks,” if you found its message “human” and “uplifting”….well, let’s just say the dumbing down of America is alive, rancid and spreading. Where’s a garbage collector when you need one????

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