Jimmy Fallon carried on the Late Night host tradition, handing off the legendary plastic pickle to his successor Seth Meyers during Meyers’ appearance Tuesday on Late Night. The pickle was passed on to Fallon from Conan O’Brien when Fallon took over Late Night in 2009. O’Brien had received it from David Letterman‘s staff. Meyers takes over as host of Late Night on February 24 after Fallon moves to The Tonight Show.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Season 5

Here’s Fallon talking about the pickle on February 24, 2009 when he first started Late Night.

Terry T
2 years
Seth is the first person to have the gig who isn't hoping to take over The Tonight...
2 years
these are two of the smartest hippest working comedians with rooms filled with writers and tens of...
2 years
those are not even close to being the same pickle...kinda funny