'Gravity', '12 Years A Slave' Top Final Draft's Screenwriters Choice Awards

gravity-movie-review-sandra-bullock-shiop (1)Alfonso Cuaron & Jonas Cuaron’s space odyssey took Best Original Screenplay and the John Ridley-penned historical drama got the Adapted Screenplay nod in awards presented tonight by scripting software company. The wins come days after Gravity and 12 Years A Slave both missed the cut for WGA Awards nominations. ABC’s Modern Family and AMC’s now-wrapped Breaking Bad won for best TV comedy and drama, respectively. The hardware was handed out during the ninth Final Draft Annual Awards, hosted by Jay Chandrasekhar and held on the Paramount lot. Nancy Meyers received the awards’ Hall of Fame honor.

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  1. Technical correction. 12 Years was not eligible for WGA and therefore did not “miss the cut”, Gravity was not nominated, though eligible.

  2. I’m a bit confused by the bashing of the script for “Gravity”… If it’s not on the page, the old saw goes, it’s more often than not going to end up onscreen. There are, of course, exceptions to this but usually this mantra holds. I read “Gravity” and, surprise, the world/characters Cuaron powerfully rendered on screen is all there, written down with precision and clarity. Many times while reading it I felt as if I was reading a play, perhaps because of the lack of characters and the static setting in space. What is less clear to me is how the WGA makes decisions to exclude flicks such as “Gravity” and “12 Years”…. anyone in the know?

  3. Speaking of Final Draft, does anyone know how to open a Final Draft file when it says “unexpected file format?” It’s a Final Draft file, I’m using Final Draft to open it, so I don’t know what would be “unexpected” about it, and apparently neither does Final Draft. This is a widespread problem with many users I’ve found out, but Final Draft doesn’t know how to fix it. Now I have to have the whole thing re-typed from scratch (not using Final Draft, I’ll guarantee that).

    1. have you dealt with their tech dept? They have saved me several times (and all my errors) and I bet they can get your file open

    2. FD definitely knows how to fix this. It’s a corrupted file caused by a script being sent through an AOL email. Do a free tech support chat on their website and they’ll fix it for you.

  4. Oh c’mon, Gravity does not deserve any screenplay nominations. Are you kidding? All screenplay awards should go to Spike Jonze for HER.

  5. Who cares who they vote for? Who are they, a bunch of software geeks who can’t get their software right?

    1. Maybe you didn’t read thoroughly. This is voted on by Final Draft users, not Final Draft staff – hence the name “Screenwriters’ Choice Awards”

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