UPDATE: Golden Globes: E!'s Idea Of A Michael J. Fox Fun Fact

E FoxUPDATE, 7:15 PM: E! has responded to the Michael J. Fox graphic it put up during the Golden Globes preshow: “We regret the insensitive classification of Michael J Fox’s Parkinson’s diagnosis during our Eonline live stream.  We understand the serious nature of the disease and sincerely apologize.”

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PREVIOUS: The folks at E! probably wish they could go back to the future to undo this. During its endless coverage of the Golden Globes red carpet tonight, this unfortunate graphic popped up on the screen:

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    1. You consider this fact to be “fun”? Not crazy about MJF, but the comment was tasteless and not thought through…

    2. Internet to Earth: .. jasonbres wants it to be known that he considers it FUN! that Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with a deadly, debilitating disease.

      1. Some guy’s job was to scour the internet for little factoids on actors. This was one of them. Somewhere down the line, someone didn’t realize how this would stand out an go viral. It’s OK, society isn’t crumbling, no one thinks Parkinson’s disease is fun. It’s just cheap TV programming.

        1. Deadline.com is no better. Really, back to the future? Now they are playing word games off of E’s word games.

          The folks at E! probably wish they could go back to the future to undo this. During its endless coverage of the Golden Globes red carpet tonight, this unfortunate graphic popped up on the screen:

      2. Acting is a debilitating disease….pompous people that imbibe in “make believe”…and like children, by assuming a role of make believe, they are that figure.


        1. SO, LOL, what do you do for fun? Do you watch tv, or watch movies, or even play video games? They all have actors to some degree, so, I guess you are a pretty left brained person, who doesn’t enjoy these past times.

    3. Well, aside from you lacking the ability to spot irony, it is unfortunate that E! considers being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease ‘fun’.

  1. It’s not a graphic that the network “made”. They did broadcast it…but someone, a person, wrote it.

    1. Well, it would be difficult for a “network” to do anything, so that’s kind of a strange post. However it was either an employee or contractor of E! NBC so it was the Network’s fault.

    2. It’s possible that there was a source outside the network for a series of interesting facts about actors, but that it was (someone at) E! who decided to use the label “Fun Facts”. The two things (fact and label) then got combined automatically, without anyone really thinking about it or previewing how each “fact” would appear onscreen. I don’t know for sure that it happened that way, but it seems more plausible than that anyone would directly approve calling the disease information “fun”.

  2. They’re competing with Joe Biden’s famous gaffe (9/12/08) “Stand up, Chuck, let ‘em see ya.”
    ….calling upon Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham to “stand up,” despite the fact that he was in a wheelchair.

    E! gets the prize for the forethought required to put their gaffe in writing.

  3. Well it’s “fun” for people who have Parkinsons and are watching at home for them it’s a feel good moment their family or friends can tell them “look at that MJF has Parkinsons and he’s still famous and successful and working hard so you can do it too” that’s the only way E! will be able to spin this to avoid protests and boycotts.

  4. Here are some facts about Parkinson’s that are not so fun: if MJF is lucky enough to spend the rest of his natural life with the disease, it will kill him slowly…he will slowly lose all ability to move, to speak — he will become a bed ridden vegetable and die. How do I know this? It’s what happened to my dad…not so fun.

    1. So what you’re saying is that Parkinson’s does to a person what essentially life does to everyone?

      Please don’t take this wrong. I’m not making light of Parkinson’s disease or those that have it. I’m just saying that it is much worse than your description indicates.

    2. Sorry about your dad….

      But welcome to life. It’s an incurably fatal condition. Some of us die faster than others for a thousand different reasons.

      Enjoy it while you can, and think before you speak, act move or vote. You might be helping millions of your fellow man have a better life, as well as your own.

      Good enough, blog censor???

    3. sorry to hear about your dad.
      I took great offense to the “fun facts” I thought it was very insensitive . My husband has Parkinson’s and we cannot think of ANY so called “fun facts”

  5. it’s not much different then checking “Like” after a comment about a friend’s demise. In that case “Like” means “acknowledge” much as it does here.
    Much to do about nothing.

  6. I never realized how much fun my father was having as I watched him slowly pass away from this awful disease. What is wrong with our youth and the so very uninformed.

  7. Outside of the fact that Michael J. Fox most likely doesn’t find his disease very fun, you just have to love the writing of this small article. While trying to be cute and work in the “Back to the Future” reference, it just doesn’t make any sense. What you actually meant was to say ‘back to the past’ in order to fix their mistake. Lazy writing. Other BTTF references, if required, could have been used to drive home your point so that this make sense.

    1. Since you feel the need to correct others, here comes your correction.

      In the movie Back To The Future, MJF DOES go back to the past. The term “back to the future” refers to Marty and Doc’s difficulty in getting from the past back into their present life…. which is the future in comparison to the 1950’s world they were stuck in.

  8. #FunFacts is now the top trending hashtag on Twitter and the Tweets are hilarious so it’s good that E! did this they made a good fun new topic.

    Sample Tweet: Lena Dunham is an anagram for “U Manhandle” #FunFacts

  9. I get it: Your childhood best friend Marty McFly has a deadly disease and someone tried to make light of it. Tasteless joke? Yes. Do you ALL have to rush to post your outrage? Probably not.

  10. FUN FACT: Michael J. Fox’s new NBC show for which he’s getting paid a huge pile of money is centered around the fact that he has Parkinson’s.

    1. It’s not “centered” around the fact that he has Parkinson’s. He is a former anchorman, who returns to work I believe. The plot lines are not based around the fact that he has Parkinson’s.

  11. E (no exclamation point this time) “Ex”ecutive: “Um, we meant FAN Fact, ‘cuz it’s for fans! Er… FON Fact ‘cuz you can tweet it out! (Scratching head)… SUN Fact? Because it’s illuminating!?! C’mon guys, you know we love that MJF!”

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