UPDATE: Golden Globes: Mystery Leak On Red Carpet Confirmed As Malfunctioning Sprinkler

golden globes leakUPDATE, 2:31 PM: According to sources on the Golden Globes red carpet, a crew’s light may have gotten too close to a heat detector accidentally activating sprinklers, Awardsline Deputy Editor Anna Lisa Raya reports from the scene. There are also witness reports of sulfur-like smell. Globes producer Dick Clark Productions blames a sprinkler malfunction for the soggy situation and says the mess has now been cleaned up. The red carpet will open as planned ahead of the evening’s awards show. “We can confirm that there was a malfunction with a sprinkler near the red carpet,” said Dick Clark Productions. “The situation was quickly resolved. Despite the incident the red carpet will open at its regularly scheduled time. We heard some of the biggest names in entertainment were coming to The Golden Globe Awards tonight and we wanted to give the carpet one last wash before it opened.”

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Golden Globes 2014 leakPREVIOUS, 12:53 PM: Tonight’s Golden Globes red carpet might be soggier than expected as celebs strut into the Beverly Hilton. According to E! News reporter Kristen Dos Santos, a “massive” seepage of “black fluid” seeped onto a portion of the red carpet just a few hours before the start of arrivals. “A good one fifth of the red carpet is ruined,” she Tweeted with the photo at left. “We are being asked to leave while they fix a massive leak of black fluid. Not good. Only people on platforms can stay.” The 71st annual Golden Globes live broadcast begins tonight at 5 PT/8ET. Developing…


AwardsLine’s Anna Lisa Raya contributed to this report.

  1. It’s RACIST fluid! Now that “Slave” movie is definitely going to win, even though it already was a guarantee because of the totally politically-correct theme for Hollywood. Only the naive won’t believe!

  2. Oh, the horrors! Imagine these elitists not being able to self-congratulate themselves on the red carpet. What will they do? Hope the Xanax truck is nearby. They should be made to march through the dirty bathroom of a nearby fast-food restaurant in order to reach the theatre. A little humbling slip onto a grease-laden floor might wake them up a little.

  3. Great Scott! If one of those lights on metal stands toppled over everyone on the red carpet would be electrocuted! Oh the Humanity!

  4. A sprinkler? Really? Since when is sprinkler water black and since when does sprinkler water smell like feces? Quit with the cover-ups please. Truth time.

  5. Personally, I think it was elephant urine from the elephant in the room at the Golden Globes… and the cleanup, therefore, is only temporary, because there’s more than one elephant (and I do NOT mean Dumbo, even though there’s something MouseCo related).

    Will someone PLEASE livesnark this? I’ve already looked at the coverage at V and HR, and I desperately need snarking from someone who knows these people outside of a courtroom/deposition…

  6. That’s funny sure didnt smell like any sprinkler water Ive ever encountered it had More like sewage water smell.

  7. Poehler, is actually pronounced, (Pālər) Sadly, we live in a country where people can’t even pronounce their own name correctly. Luckily, they know everthing else :)

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