Golden Globes Film: Leo, Matthew and Jennifer Show Their Stuff, But Will It Be Good Enough To Get Them To The Oscars?

So what do the Golden Globes mean for Oscar? Probably nothing. But, boy was it fun.

GoldenGlobes_logo__131127005408-275x166__140108194926-1__140113015020There’s no question the Globes is genuinely a great party; there’s nothing else quite like it. But in this ultra-competitive year, the way they came down Sunday night — spreading the love all over the map — the Globes has done little to clarify an increasingly confusing contest. Best Director presenter Ben Affleck told me he thinks the race will really start to take shape when the guilds start handing out trinkets next weekend, particularly the Producers Guild. I think he’s right. But right now, we have the Globes, so let’s deal with the ramifications:

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press RoomWith major awards distributed to a wide group of movies including three for the night’s big winner, American Hustle, two for Dallas Buyers Club, and one each for Blue Jasmine, The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Great BeautyMandela: Long Walk To FreedomHer, All Is Lost and Frozen, not much can be said about any definitive trend lines from this one. There was a different movie winning Picture (American Hustle, 12 Years A Slave), Director (Gravity) and Screenplay (Her), and that really shows how divided voters are about this year’s impressive lineup of movies. Everyone has a favorite, but there’s no consensus. That was the conclusion I came to in talking to Globe voters over the weekend and it was borne out by the results of their show.

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71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room Certainly American Hustle continued to gain momentum with its Best Picture – Comedy or Musical win, the least surprising award of the night in my opinion. Critics favorite 12 Years A Slave saved face just when it counted the most by not getting completely shut out of its seven nominations and winning its one and only award at the very end for Best Motion Picture – Drama — just when it seemed all was really lost for this one at the Globes. It doesn’t matter that it was the only category it was able to cash-out in, because it was the one that counted and now Fox Searchlight can take out ads blasting “Golden Globe Best Picture Winner” all over the top of them. Now that’s golden. When I caught up with 20th chairman Jim Gianopulos after the show at the Fox party, he was clearly on a high. “We came in on the 14-yard line and took it home,” he said, knowing the Best Picture title is all that matters. Searchlight co-president Nancy Utley was also clearly relieved after watching the critically acclaimed picture go 0-for-6 all evening only to come in and win the big one. Now, the studio’s only task will be convincing those reticent Academy members to actually watch the film once it gets a gaggle of nominations on Thursday. The Globes win will help in that cause. There is still a significant number of Oscar voters who don’t seem to want to put themselves through the experience, thinking it might be too brutal. Let’s hope this gives them impetus to put the screener in the DVD player.

Dallas Buyers Club also helped its cause at these Globes by cashing in on both its nominations: major ones for71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room Best Actor – Drama Matthew McConaughey and Best Supporting Actor for Jared Leto. This sets both up nicely for the Oscars in extremely competitive categories and even continues to boost McConaughey’s chances, perhaps moving him into frontrunner status. The other Best Actor winner, for Comedy or Musical, Leonardo DiCaprio, is also helped enormously by his win. I had heard the Hollywood Foreign Press didn’t love Wolf Of Wall Street, but the DiCaprio win says otherwise and would seem to indicate we haven’t heard the last of Leo this season. I certainly hope not since this is arguably DiCaprio’s role of a lifetime. He deserves it, and an Oscar snub would be unacceptable. Only problem is at least two worthy Best Actor contenders are going to get snubbed no matter what happens. It is just too dense a race. I caught up with a very happy DiCaprio afterwards at the Weinstein party (there was a heavy Paramount contingent there) as he sat with friend Bradley Cooper. He was clearly over the moon about it after 10 nominations and only one win.

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Jennifer Lawrence‘s Supporting victory for Hustle was expected and it is becoming more possible she could become a back-to-back Oscar winner at age 23. Wow. And Amy Adams‘ victory for Best Actress – Comedy or Musical over the likes of her Doubt co-star Meryl Streep might also mean she edges out that 17-time nominee and three-time winner for the fifth slot in the Best Actress Oscar race on Thursday. After getting shut out at BAFTA last week and now losing at the Globes, Streep is becoming vulnerable, something thought impossible just a few weeks ago. We’ll soon see. Alfonso Cuaron‘s Directing victory for Gravity figures, and even Spike Jonze‘s Her triumph for Screenplay makes some sense. At the Oscars, there are two screenplay categories so Jonze could find himself in good shape there, too. And as animated film, Frozen, with a Globe in hand, looks like the one to beat there.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press RoomIt was nice to see U2 pick up the best song prize for Mandela’s “Ordinary Love”, a song with a stunning lyric that genuinely earned this band its second Globe and sets it up nicely for Oscar if the quirky music branch gives it a nomination. When I caught up with Bono on the red carpet before the show, he had lowered expectations. “What do you think is gonna win?,” he asked me. I said he should, but it could be the Disney song from Frozen since that is, well, Disney, and they have a good track record. He said he heard the same thing. “We’re just Irish boys. We don’t get out much. It’s just fun for us,” he said with a good attitude about the whole thing. When I caught up with him later at The Weinstein Company’s lavish after-party, he and the band were clearly thrilled with their Globe. It was as he said, a “personal” win for them considering their relationship with Nelson Mandela, the subject of the song. As for the “big” victory party of the night, that had to be Sony Pictures which grabbed three wins for Hustle and another for Cate Blanchett’s lead performance as Best Actress -Drama in Blue Jasmine from their Sony Pictures Classics division. The studio had a smaller party outside of the Beverly Hilton (where most of the other post parties were going on) at Craig’s Restaurant on Melrose. David O. Russell was partying late eating Chocolate Pizzas to celebrate (even though he lost both his writing and directing noms), Adams was there, the Captain Phillips gang and Sony and Anapurna execs (including Megan Ellison) were obviously in a great mood with new momentum. SPC’s Michael Barker and Tom Bernard were understandably elated by Blanchett’s victory but disappointed their The Past lost Foreign Film to The Great Beauty. Past director Ashgar Farhadi and his star Berenice Bejo took it all well though and seemed to be enjoying the more exclusive party Sony decided to have than the gargantuan after-events at the Hilton thrown by Warners/In Style, Universal-NBC, HBO, AMC, Fox and Weinstein. Many from the Sony party then headed to CAA’s at Sunset Tower.

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Still with Oscar ballots in before any of these awards were known, it’s anybody’s guess what the ratio of agreement between the two groups will be.  This much I can tell you: The Golden Globes like to bill71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room themselves as the party of the year, and it is truth in advertising. There are few awards shows that are more fun that this one. The champagne flows throughout and the stars seem to be having a genuinely good time in the Hilton Ballroom. It’s smart of the HFPA to keep it in this tight and familiar space even though they could fill a venue twice its size easily with all the ticket requests they have. And that red capet is genuinely impressive. I ran into Robert Redford right smack in the middle of it. “I was here in 1966 as a promising newcomer. I think they weren’t very old then. I actually had no idea who they were,” he recalled about his first encounter with the Hollywood Foreign Press nearly a half century ago (he got that “newcomer” award for Inside Daisy Clover)I was sorry he didn’t get another one Sunday. It would have been a great moment, but the competition is killer.

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Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have this hosting act down to a science. They were terrific and the show had a number of nice moments, but nobody takes it too seriously. That’s how it should be. Now on to the Oscar nominations. At the Weinstein/Netflix after-party, Harvey Weinstein, who is used to winning more than just the one Best Song Globe he took tonight, dismissed the impact of the Globes by flatly telling me the only results he really cares about this year are the ones that will be revealed at the Academy later this week. He’s confident. And if he isn’t, he might want to talk to Chris Hemsworth because among those at the Globes, it was the Thor star who will be helping to announce those nominees on Thursday. “I may just add a few names of my own, ” Hemsworth teased when I asked him if he was excited to be revealing Oscar’s big list.

Now that would be even more interesting that the Golden Globes, don’t you think?

  1. Who is backing Lawrence? Serious question. She is a good actress, yes, but so is Carey Mulligan, Mia Wasikovska and Rooney Mara just to name a few. Who in Hollywood is behind her because PR alone doesn’t take you this far.

  2. I really don’t understand hype around American Hustle. I saw it and almost hate it. Boring movie about boring people. But hey – let’s put ridiculous and funny make up on A-list stars and it will be fun to watch (bonus – Bale will add real weight)…

    We all love Jennifer Lawrence but she was simply miscast in that movie. She was too young to play that character and her accent was disappearing in the middle of sentence so often. I think that those Golden Globes voters gave best prize to “12 years a slave” only because American Hustle was in Comedy section. You know they would give it to that stupid movie.

  3. Give Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto Oscar nomination for all their starving efforts and stop at it. They don’t deserve any awards because they cheated their way into nominations with extreme weight loss. Hollywood must stop award pretty faced actors who gain weight, lose weight or get ugly for their Oscar role. That is cheating.

    It was cheating when Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron got Oscars for their ugly make up, when Bale got for getting thin and it is cheating this year with McConaughey and Leto. Because lets face it – if Matthew would have his ordinary weight in this role then he might not have even nomination. But hey – he was so scary thin, lets give him all awards now. Fassbender should quickly find himself role in low budget indie movie and starve for few months and then he will totally have Oscar or Golden Globe too.

    1. That movie was called “Hunger” and Michael didn’t win an award for it so…guess you have some homework to do before reducing awards to weight. Money is the reason. These people receive huge bonuses based on their contracts if they win awards. This also means that the people who represent them and the studios they work with also get kick backs so it is a popularity contest essentially. Same old crap, different year. But to reduce the award to the thinnest actor, true, it has worked in some cases, but certainly didn’t help Fassbender after “Hunger”. An if ever he should have won an Oscar, it should have been for that. But his time is coming. He’s just that amazing.

  4. It will interesting to see if Lone Survivor can shake things up a bit if Peter Berg gets a director’s nomination and Mark Wahlberg gets a lead actor nomination.

    1. Lone Survivor is a 2014 release. It’s not eligible for this year’s Oscar race- it would have had to have been released by December 31, 2013.

  5. I’m pretty sure Bono and most others expected U2 to win given it’s the Hollywood FOREIGN Press, Weinstein was not going to be completely shut out and the recent unfortunate passing away of Mr. Mandela.

  6. The only shoo-in is Cate Blanchett. The rest is a lottery. 12 years is stunning visually, but will voters forgive the preachy delivery. Hustle is clever but boring in large parts. Maybe Gravity will take the cake.

  7. I love Amy Adams , but lets face it Cate has this in the bag. That was great acting compared to what Amy did. For supporting Jennifer Lawrence isn’t going to win – its going to be Lupita Nyong’o . once again no comparison in the acting skills .I think Dallas Buyers has the two acting awards. And I think Frozen takes Animation & best song.

    1. Rob , I agree . Amy Adams gave one of her most weakest performance in American Hustle , and I would be shocked if she received an Oscar nomination . Jennifer Lawrence is still an acting amateur that couldn’t do a believable New York accent . Lupita Nyong’o is classically trained from Yale Drama School , and she can act circles around Jennifer Lawrence . I would love to see Sarah Paulson , Octavia Spencer , & Margot Robbie come in with Oscar nominations , and kick Lawrence to the curb .

      P.S. I hope Leo DiCaprio gets a well-deserved Oscar nomination . This guy not only has drama chops , but he also proved he has comedic chops.

  8. No.

    Everyone needs to remember that the Golden Globes* splits acting categories into drama and comedy/musical. You recall how Leo commented about being with his ‘fellow comedians”.

    The Oscars have only a single acting category with five nominations each…so, of course, things will change.

    * Plus, the Golden Globes is not the standard of the awards process in any way whatsoever. They are just lucky to be the industry supported awards season opening act for the public. People’s Choice does not count…just check Choice’s ratings curve.

  9. It won’t be good enough for Leo, cause he ain’t that good of an actor (never mind that he doesn’t care enough to see “Philomenia,” a fine piece of thespianism–that little flub said a lot about him.)



  11. Strange Best Picture omissions. Where is “42,” “Saving Mr. Banks,” “The Butler?”

    These are sugar to the Academy diabetics.

  12. Wow, it’s amazing how many experts on acting there are out there. People who never ask themselves “I wonder why the people who do this professionally have different opinions than I do?”.

    1. You’re not making any sense. This thread has a million different opinions on it, and surely many of the folks on it are professionals.

  13. So Blanchett, Leto and Cuaron are solid bets.
    Lupita vs. J Law will be a juicy battle. Too close to call now. I’m leaning towards Lupita, had I a vote. I was at Q and As with both.

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