Armond White Kicked Out Of New York Film Critics Circle For Heckling '12 Years A Slave's Steve McQueen; Another Member Suspended

NYFCC200x200111019173230__130819164654It didn’t take long for the New York Film Critics Circle to act after one of its members, CityArts critic Armond White, ripped into 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen after the helmer was introduced at the group’s awards ceremony January 6. The NYFCC had apologized the next day for the reported outburst from White, who later denied wrongdoing. In addition to White’s jettisoning today, we’re hearing chief NY Post film critic Lou Lumenick was suspended for a year for revealing voting totals. NYFCC voting member Owen Gleiberman from EW first noted the group’s disciplinary action.

  1. Good for them. Sure, he has the right to say what he wants… but then they have the right to kick him out. And, I for one, am glad they did.

  2. while i completely agree with the decision, he’s done this every time for at least three years… what was different about this incident??

  3. White is a smart guy, comes at reviews with a fresh, if often, assholic contrarian bent. He also
    has a tiresome chip on his shoulder, craves attention, and plays the race card as often as he brushes his teeth. Such a waste of a talent.

  4. So Armond is getting kicked out by Owen Gleiberman who gave Three Stooges an A-…..LOL… if we needed any more proof that film criticism is dead.

    1. Gleiberman didn’t kick him out; the entire organization did. And what Gleiberman thought of “Stooges” has absolutely ZERO relevance to this incident.

  5. Mr. White – representing his organization – acted unprofessionally at a public event – and not for the first time. He had previously been warned. It was the right (albeit late) decision – (and if he has such disdain for an organization of which he is a member – then why doesn’t he just resign of his own accord??) As for Mr. Gleiberman – I was skeptical of his high rating for Stooges – but being bored one night – watched it on cable and laughed – A LOT – I’d give it a B+.

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