Official 2014 Oscars Poster Unveiled

The Academy today released the official poster for the 2014 Oscars featuring host Ellen DeGeneres and the man of the hour – the Oscar statuette. March 2, 2014 will mark the comedienne and talk show host’s second time emceeing the Academy Awards. She last hosted the 79th Academy Awards in 2007 and garnered an Emmy nod for it. Check out the 2014 key art below:

Oscars 2014: Ellen Poster

  1. Certainly combines the Oscar with Ellen’s friendly talk show personality persona. So, on that level…goal accomplished.

    Does it sacrifice glamour to feel more home spun…you betcha…but, this is the new all inclusive warm and fuzzy AMPAS… so, this reflects what they want to project.

    Get out those flannel PJ’s, fuzzy slippers, hot chocolate and let’s snuggle around the television …and watch the show.

  2. They should’ve strapped her into a spacesuit since Gravity is the only worth pic this year.

    American Hustle needs to give me my cash back. Captain Phillips too.

    1. I agree with you about American Hustle, but I was surprised to find myself enjoying Captain Phillips. Gravity was good, but, alas, was a bit of a sleeper (and not in a good way) Lone Survivor was very good, as was Out of the Furnace.

  3. Holy Photoshop disaster! Why is her face so blown out like that? She looks like Lady Cassandra from Dr. Who.

    It’s okay for women to have some lines on their faces, guys.

  4. Since the Oscars have been largely irrelevant for decades for racist, homophobic, gun-totin’, Bible-thumpin’, backwoods, fly-over dumbf*ck hicks like myself, I had no idea she was hosting. Thanks for the heads-up–I’m sure I can find something on cable that night.

    1. I have a hard time believing that the you that you’re describing would visit this site or give a sh** about hollywood.

    2. You can watch Duck Dynasty that night and DD will probably get a bigger rating than the Oscars will.

  5. There was a history of interesting design with the yearly posters. It was a chance to see the design work of various film artists. This looks like an afternoon show poster. Fittingly, the “oscar” is tiny and the main focus is…yup…an afternoon TV show host. What is “academic” about this “academy” poster?

    1. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I think this poster is meant to associate the Oscars with “modern.” What I mean is that the Oscar statue is front and center alongside Ellen’s wedding ring.

  6. I still think Ellen’s Emmy hosting in November 2001, after the 9/11 attacks, ranks as the best hosting gig ever, and under the toughest circumstances. Great to see her back.

  7. Eye-roll on this comment. For dazzling CGI effects, Gravity gets an A. For its ludicrous script (Sandra Bullock piloting Russian & Chinese space capsules) a D.

  8. That grin looks like Chuckie from Child’s Play.

    Settle down with the photoshop for God’s sake. And what’s up with that over drawn jaw-line?!?!?!?!

    Sheesh. Friggin’ Hollywood photo editors.

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