Hot Clip: Disney's 'Frozen' Oscar Hopeful 'Let It Go' – Best Song Frontrunner?

With box office momentum behind their wintry animated hit Frozen, Disney has released a clip featuring Best Song Oscar hopeful “Let It Go,” by songwriting team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Idina Menzel belts the number voicing Elsa, the Snow Queen whose super powers put her kingdom in peril in the pic also starring Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad:

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    1. Really? Or do you work for the production? Idina sure can sing, but that should be called “Generic Song from a Musical.” The first few bars could not be less interesting. You are just waiting for the chorus to kick in, and then it is completely forgettable. I feel like I’ve heard the song before. One of the main criticisms of the movie (which is getting great reviews) is that there are no standout songs). Once again, Idina can sing the phone book, I just don’t want to actually hear the phone book sung. That’s boring.

      1. Everything BUT the song (lyrics, tune) was amazing – the singing, the visuals – hey good enough for me. I’ll buy the popcorn.

      2. “Generic Song From a Musical?” I think not, baby puppy! Go see “Legally Blonde” or “Bring It On” or “Thoroughly Modern Millie” or something similar (typically a film-to-stage cash-in) to see the BAD version of this very song. This is the good version.

        And I WISH I was part of this production so I could get a discount on the soundtrack, but alas!

      3. Most reviews that I’ve read have said that there is one standout song, this one, and the others are mainly just adequate.

      4. You are certainly entitled to your opinion (as all are when it comes to art), but speaking as one who writes music for a living, this song is quite an accomplishment. I first experienced it in the movie and the way the animation works with the orchestration is all I need to see to give “Frozen” the Best Animated Picture Oscar. But after listening to the song without visuals, I can tell you that this is far more than a generic musical song. You’re not going to find too many with a bridge and D section like this one has. It is acoustically vibrant and imaginative in a way most song writers dream of writing. Take away Idina’s brilliant vocal performance and you still have a wonderfully chorded and thoughtfully arranged song that stands up to the best stage musical offerings of the past ten years. Then again, that’s just the opinion of another professional song-writer, for what it’s worth.

  1. Kudos to Disney for resurrecting their musicals with the terrific “Tangled” and now the great “Frozen”. Better than anything Pixar ever put out. So yes, Best Song and looking forward to Idina Menzel blowing the roof off the Dolby Theater.

    1. Frozen is better than Wall*E, The Incredibles, and Up? What’s the air like on your planet?

      There’s not a wet eye in the house in Frozen, people are weeping in the first seven minutes of Up. Frozen is forgettable pipeline filler with nothing on its mind, no emotional heft. “Best animated film in a generation”? — Please.

      1. God, thaaaaaaank you. I seriously thought I must have missed something due to all the hype that this movie is receiving. I mean, it was good (emotionally touching and hilarious at some points, even), but the best in a generation? Come on, people.

      2. Well Blahb and Apocalypse Pooh, that’s your opinion, which is insignificant and in the minority compared to the thousands of other people who agree this is one of the best animated films ever made. I’d like to see you make a better animated film then

      3. Frozen is better than Wall-e, and Up. Up was good as you said for 8 minutes or so. Then it was just dumb. Wall-E was good for about 25 minutes. Once he was in space, it was dumb. The Incredibles I won’t argue. Making a move that makes people cry doesnt make it better. This is the best DISNEY movie, not Pixar. Since the old days. The Lion King, Alladin, etc.

  2. Wow. Incredible vocal performance! I’m not sure of her competition, but Idina Menzel has to win an Oscar for this.

    1. Uh, Cherry, you do realize that performing a song doesn’t mean you actually win the Oscar, right? That would mean Celine won the Oscar for Titanic. And that would have meant Kermit the Frog could have won for Rainbow Connection It would actually go to the writer/composers of the song.
      Too bad it’s a pretty lame song.

  3. Best song of the movie, along with the best visuals. This song just clicked on every cylinder and I hope it does run away with the Oscar.

  4. Doubt it. Decent move, but the songs are TERRIBLE, and do nothing to add to the movie. It would have been far better without the songs. Tuneless, witless, charmless, and dull.

    1. The songs in Frozen are a bit grating…teenage girls who love to scream self-empowerment tunes while driving home from school should eat this crap up.

    2. do nothing to add to the movie? Obviously you missed the ENTIRE point of Elsa’s characterization. This song is about her letting go of her fears and everything that’s been holding her back from using her power.

  5. Very nice to see a really good Disney animated film, but a classic this is not. Overhype due to low expectations. Definitely good, but not on par with their 90’s films. Just my opinion

  6. Great song. what a shame animation can’t be nominated for visuals. The snow effects are stunning. So glad Disney is back, You’ve been gone to long. Now fast track this to broadway

    1. Frozen can be nominated for visuals. Along with a lot of Pixar films, it’s one of the best looking films in a long time from anywhere! In this case, thanks to David Wormesly and Mike Giamo, among others.

      Problem is, most of the crafts nominated in the Oscars are run by unions and guilds, who vote for their own. Especially the Art Directors Guild. Feature Animation production designers are light years ahead of most “live action” production designers in terms of their artistry, and especially their knowledge of the digital world–although they’re slowly catching up.

  7. Pretty repulsive. The song is terrible and the weird way they render her body and her giant head is nauseating.

  8. Frozen was a true delight to watch! Quite honestly lately I have been liking Disney’s CGI movies rather than Disney/Pixar. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED BOLT and TANGLED…and WRECK IT RALPH was a lot of FUN!! I too am glad that Disney is going back to the musical animated movies…they are timeless!!!!

  9. Derivative song that sounds like a million other songs in this era of cookie-cutter “melodies” that start out mono-tonally and predictably gear up to the overwrought finish. Boring chords. Let it go… indeed. The late, great Academy Award-winning songsmiths wouldn’t have included this one in their scrap heap.

  10. Don’t people realize the performer doesn’t win an oscar? The songwriters would. So while you will see Idina sing the song, the songwriters would collect the prize.

    Also, this is the most screwed up category. There are dozens of songs written for movies–why is it that only songs from animated movies get nominated?

  11. I asked my grandkids what they wanted to do the day after Thanksgiving, and they wanted to see Frozen. as much as I didn’t, still went. What a pleasant surprise. The story, music and visual graphics were among the best I’ve seen. To all grandparents and parents, male or female, take your kids/grandkids to see it. A big smile will be on your face when you leave.

  12. Commenters like you annoy me. You didn’t provide a logical defense of your opinion, yet you’re dismissing the song in such a negative tone.

  13. That was stunning. Comment sections were made for haters. I only post when I truly love something. I’m grabbing my nieces and taking them to this right now.

  14. I’d say Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” from GREAT GATSBY ought to be the frontrunner. But the Oscars mess up this category on a regular basis, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Hell, there are 2 or 3 songs from GATSBY that are better than this.

    Also better than this, Coldplay and Of Monsters and Men’s songs from CATCHING FIRE, and the titular song from OBLIVION as well.

  15. You know how I know you’re a bitter husk of a person who has failed creatively and are on a path to the rest of a miserable life? You talk $#*} on Deadline Hollywood.

  16. Ok,very good song,this and Young and Beautiful along with Atlas should,at the very least, get nominations.

  17. Okay, I went to see Frozen last night and I have to say, it was pretty good. I will say that it wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen this year, but I loved the messages it sent. If you ask me this song is a pretty good one. Think about it, if you were forced to hide a huge part of yourself for pretty much your whole life after accidentally hurting someone you cared about and were finally able to ‘let it go’ and be yourself without the fear of hurting anyone, wouldn’t you be relieved? I know I would. I don’t think anybody here’s addressed this yet, but I absolutely loved that the act of true love that thawed Anna was her sacrificing herself for her sister and not an all too cliche kiss, as Disney seems to love to do. Finally people are seeing there’s more kinds of love than the love you have for your significant other. Kudos, Disney.

  18. The animation, the song, and especially Idina’s vocals are absolutely PERFECT.

    I don’t think I’ve seen as powerful a sequence on film in a very, very long time.

    Disney hit it out of the park with this one, and if Idina gets to sing it on stage with anywhere near the emotion in the recording she’s going to get a minutes-long standing ovation.

  19. YOU try writing a song. YOU try creating anything that sounds remotely like music and even if you do, take your mindless criticism elsewhere.

  20. Terrible song…right. That’s why it’s #25 for Idina’s version on iTunes and #36 for Demi’s. Whole album is #3. Face it, a LOT of people like this song, if you don’t, you’re in the vast minority. Definitely deserves an Oscar nod since it resonates with so many. The YouTube video is up to at little over 16.25 views.

  21. obviously the haters do not like songs with this kind of message or have ever experienced any fears or hardships in their lives, because this song speaks out to all of us who have been through those. Never before have I ever related to a Disney song until this. I enjoyed songs like Part of Your World and Can You Feel the Love Tonight, but they did nothing for me on a personal level. Thank you, Frozen, for this song and helping me overcome my past hardships. “I’m never going back, the past is in the past. Let it go, let it go.”

  22. Frozen is a great movie, lots of fun to watch & great songs to listen too. Liked all characters, snowman & reindeer were funny. Will see frozen again. It’s nice to have a movie like this to watch especially since there is so much garbage on tv. If people think that they could do any better, let them spend their money & time to make the movie, write & sing the songs. I will definitely see frozen again & purchase when released on DVD.

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