Related: The Real ‘Philomena’ Answers New York Post Critic

philomenaGotta hand it to Harvey: When he sees an angle to boost the profile of his movies, he goes for it. The Weinstein Company is placing an ad in tomorrow’s New York Times referencing the skirmish between NY Post reviewer Kyle Smith and the real-life Philomena Lee, the subject of the distributor’s Oscar-season pic Philomena directed by Stephen Frears and starring Judi Dench as Lee. That’s the rift Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. told you about first last week by publishing Lee’s response to Smith’s review that called the pic among other things an attack on Catholics.  The NYT ad excerpts Lee’s letter to Smith that Fleming ran full and comes complete with a a call to action — “Decide For Yourself” — even though the movie’s been in the marketplace since the week before Thanksgiving. Click over for the ad:


Clive Seaton
1 year
I have had to endure my life with a story so similar to Philomena. Been a male...
Sandy Musser
1 year
I am a birthmother who SURRENDERED in 1954. The "Philomena" story was only one of millions of...
Debra Ismail
1 year
Philomena is a wonderful movie and it is about time that this unrecognized reality is brought to...