TV Teaser: Oscar Trailer With Ellen DeGeneres

The Movie Academy has launched a trailer for the Oscars starring host Ellen DeGeneres and directed by Paul Feig that is part of the “Here We Go!” campaign and website ahead of the March 2 Academy Awards on ABC. The trailer will launch nationwide beginning January 3. Lots of dancing here, but where are the movies? Check it out:

  1. Oh, the nominations haven’t been announced yet so they don’t want to advertise films which won’t be there. I made similar mistakes on my first day.

  2. This is just awful.

    Ellen– you need to stick with comedy to be successful at the Oscars. No music-dance-choreographed numbers or it will be awful (this is supposed to be about the movies). The best hosts are the ones who treat the telecast as a giant stand-up show, while remaining original. Billy Crystal in the 90s and early 00s, how he made the show his own. Whoopi Goldberg and her costume changes and theatrics. These hosts knew how to do it right, keep it light, keep everyone in the audience less on edge, but still go big or go home. The potential is there, but not in the direction of this video.

  3. Say what? What does this have to do with the Oscars? Would one person be interested in watching the show after watching this … whatever you’d call it … a total waste of time, energy, and talent.

  4. oh,Lord I forgot Meron and Zadan were re-hired to produce yet another dismal show. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that they didn’t have Ellen doing a number from “Chicago”

  5. This is a nice 1min teaser spot. Clearly thought out and well executed. It plays to the song and dance routines that are ALL too common in the Oscars. Does it say ‘flashy’? Yes. Does it have good production values? You bet. Is Ellen possibly the most accessible talent that cuts across all lines? Absolutely! And finally… Does this sell the Oscars? Um… No. Still, it’s a memorable spot. Too bad nobody will remember its for the Oscars. Perhaps they should have ended with the oversized Oscar statuettes flanking the cast for a little memory trigger/blatant connection for the audience.

  6. Why, after last year’s embarrassing and unfunny debacle of a show, did the Academy decide to keep the SAME PRODUCERS on for another year? People pay attention to the hosts, but bad producers can break an Oscars show just as surely as a bad host can, and last year’s production was badly hosted AND badly produced. (A tribute to movie musicals that primarily highlights the one musical these same producers made – and ignores tons of other, better movies? Seriously?)

    I have confidence in Ellen’s overall ability to be funny, roll with the ups and downs of the show, and keep things moving. But I have no confidence in these producers, who are surely the ones who came up with this cockamamie ad campaign.

  7. Oh God. Here we go again. We all know that it won’t be funny. She will dance, read some safe jokes that will be carefully written to not offend any celebrity. Which means they completely won’t be funny. And it will go on for 4 hours…

    Why they keep hiring those “dance” hosts? Like Jackman, Harris, Ellen. It is never funny, never. This is freacking dance number. What is the point? Oscars are not some “So you think you can dance how”, it is not some Broadway musical. Yet they always pretend it is and that anyone at all is interested in it.

    They should have beg that Seth guy to come back. Whatever if someone found his jokes offensive but you have to give credit – for once in so many years Oscar host was funny. Now we are back again when some not funny comic will dance and say safe jokes that no one finds funny. But of course audience will politely laugh at single one. While viewers at home will hate watch Oscars once again.

    Can’t wait till Golden Globes… That show whose hosts are actually funny for the past few years.

    1. well, here’s one person that certainly didn’t saw oscars 2007 presented by ellen. let me say you’re the only one that says seth was funny and a good host and says ellen isn’t funny. wow you really are an asswhole that doesn’t understand nothing about comedy. it’s funny cause everyone says just the opposite of what you said. go fuck yourself and go learn what real comedy is

  8. It’s an introductory scaled teaser of more entertaining promotion (and the show to come.) And a lot of fun. I gotta say…I wouldn’t mind seeing Ellen in a Broadway musical…she obviously loves to dance and works well with choreographers and choreography. Something with Albert Brooks maybe. Rex Harrison would be the template for putting together non-singers traditionally with a hybrid singing style they can “own” the way Harrison came to own “My Fair Lady.” That which in theory he could not do – finessed – became one of the show’s most attractive hooks. Yul Brynner (“The King and I”) – Richard Burton – (“Camelot” – less so) same thing. Imagine any of these classics without any of their non-traditional “singer” stars.

  9. Same old, same old dance chorus antics set to an upbeat song for no apparent reason.

    Ellen makes being in your 50s look as much fun as being in your 20s.

  10. If this trailer is any indication, the 2014 Oscar telecast looks to be another 4-hour production, filled with overblown dance and musical numbers. They need to concentrate on making the show fast-paced, lively, fun, and unpredictable (and not just because of whose name is in the envelope).

    The Oscars have been treading water for several years and haven’t learned a damn thing. There’s no reason handing out awards in 10 categories should take 3 to 4 hours. Simple tweaks could include things like cutting out individual song performances in favor of a single medley with multiple performers. Or maybe we don’t need the parade of models wearing the costumes from the nominated films.

    How about this? Make the telecast 2.5 hours – average out one award each 15-minute segment. Seems doable if the producers can show ANY amount of self-editing and restraint.

  11. Why are there so many haters on this comment thread? It’s a teaser trailer over 2 months before the show. Let’s all calm down.

  12. So…disconnected. This would be a GREAT promo for the Tonys, but not for the Oscars.

    It just feels like the Oscars are desperate to try anything to create buzz. They’re the staple of the awards industry, and they stoop to this kind of schlocky promo?

    Sad thing is, this is a really fun and energetic promo, but it wouldn’t be so schlocky if it was applied to the right awards.

    To me, this foreshadows impending boredom and same old Oscar disappointment (aside from the promo, Ellen will play it safe, have a couple of clever wisecracks, but overall, same old, same old…)

  13. Thank you Ellen DeGeneres, for taking the stuffiness out of the Oscars. Great song, great choreography! I downloaded Fitz and the Tantrums. They are fantastic!

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