New Academy Logo: What Do You Think?

Oscar Academy New LogoThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has unveiled a new logo for the Oscars organization — it’s now prominent on and “puts the Academy into its own logo from which it’s been absent since the inception of the organization”, according to marketing boss Christina Kounelias in an intro video (see it below). The logo comes complete with its own webpage that shows design firm’s 180LA’s inspiration for the update. So is it the new “design system” a creative revelation or as one Deadline staffer suggests a variation on the Federation logo from Star Trek?

  1. 1. White triangles just aren’t as exciting as they used to be.

    2. Apparently I’m qualified to be a professional logo designer.

    3. When I first saw it I got under my desk and waited for the atom bomb to go off.

  2. The old round ‘stamp’ logo was WAY more sophisticated. Maybe they use this one for the Academy App or the next Clockwork Orange symposium.

    1. ^on second thought, the “mountain” looks more like the volcano from L. Ron Hubbard’s “Dianetics” book cover.

  3. The OSCAR statuette has a famously CYLINDRICAL base – not this odd bevelled thing in the new logo. The conception of this is VERY FLAWED. No one ever thought the Oscar silhouette didn’t represent the Academy without a large triangular A. What a disaster.

  4. This perfectly fits the Academy’s more recent thinking to get away from what it was and become ‘hip’ for younger global audiences.

    AMPAS is batting 500…it certainly is getting farther and farther away from what it once was…

      1. Perhaps, you missed the humor in that AMPAS succeeded only in getting farther away from what it was…BUT missed getting the “hip” part right…thus batting .500 or one out of two goals achieved.

  5. For 70 years it was good enough to have 5 nominated pictures. It set a standard, was copied by others, and it was used as a traditional map-point of sorts. Then, bam! The “Board” got antsy and wanted to feel “with it” and so doubled the total. They did this after adding an animation category-which demoted any idea of an animated “best picture” and further bloated the nominations. All of a sudden, “academy” people became more interested in the ratings of the TV broadcast than the event itself and started to pay attention to the kibbitzers who wanted it to be more “inclusive” never understanding that in the effort to be all things to all people, it becomes less of anything to anybody. Logos like this shown–and the effort to produce it – is another sign of desperation in an organization torn between being an “academy” and
    a PR firm for movies.

  6. In addition to all the many things the Academy does to nurture, award and support film making and film makers around the world…it is a business.
    IMO…sometimes a business has to evolve and change in order to remain viable.

  7. No, sorry. Try again. It’s messy, out of proportion…just, no. Was this done by the same firm that came up with the now-shelved “flushing-toilet” University of California logo? Let’s hope for the same result–that is, a return to the original, totally fine logo.

  8. As the video illustrates, the Oscar has actually been reduced in size. This iconic image, recognized around the world, now looks less significant. But hey, the managed to incorporate a spotlight so it resembles the letter “A”. How clever.

  9. Oh lordy, what would you disgruntled nimrods do if you weren’t allowed to complain for a single day? The logo is fine. Move on.

  10. It doesn’t look like the Federation logo. It also doesn’t look like an A. Or like a spotlight.
    It looks like a triangle, the Key Art Award, and the symbol for gay pride.
    And the way the triangle is rendered draws your eye to the top point–and away from the Oscar.

    It’s really a shame, because I can appreciate the thinking behind it. It seems like maybe they were so in love with the thinking, they stopped examining how well the execution was embodying their ideas.

  11. Very 80’s. Christiana, you fell for a bunch of design claptrap. Back to the drawing board, please.

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