New York Film Critics Circle Awards: 'American Hustle' Best Film; Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett Top Actor Honors

NYFCC200x200111019173230UPDATED WITH ALL WINNERS: The New York Film Critics Circle has voted David O Russell’s ensemble crime drama American Hustle as its film of the year, one of three awards bestowed today on the Sony/Columbia film by the critics group. The pic is set for a December 13 release. The NYFCC  also picked Robert Redford as american_hustle_ver6_xlgBest Actor for his stand-alone role in JC Chandor’s All Is Lost and Cate Blanchett as Best Actress for Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, while Steve McQueen was named Best Director for 12 Years A SlaveAmerican Hustle, which stars Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremey Renner and Jennifer Lawrence, also won for Lawrence as Supporting Actress and for Russell and Eric Singer’s screenplay. Last year, the NYFCC tapped Zero Dark Thirty for Best Film and helmer Kathryn Bigelow for Best Director, starting that pic’s path to a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

The NYFCC is one of the earliest groups to vote on the year’s best performances in film, kicking off a slew of critics organizations whose results can serve as if not Oscar predictors then maybe Oscar leaners. Like last year, this year’s NYFCC vote from its membership of NY critics from daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and online publications comes one day before the National Board of Review makes its picks. Here are the final results of today’s voting:

Best Film
American Hustle

Best Actor
Robert Redford, All Is Lost

Best Actress
Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

Best Director
Steve McQueen, 12 Years A Slave

Best Supporting Actress
Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle

Best Foreign Language Film
Blue Is The Warmest Color

Best Supporting Actor
Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Animated Film
The Wind Rises

Best Screenplay
American Hustle

Special Award
Frederick Wiseman

Best Cinematography
Bruno Delbonnel, Inside Llewyn Davis

Best First Film
Fruitvale Station

Best Non-fiction Film (Documentary)
Stories We Tell

  1. No way The Wind Rises wins over Frozen. They obviously didn’t see both animations . And I like Lawrence , but I doubt she beats the performance of Lupita Nyong’o – Patsey .

    1. I agree. JL is totally overrated. Chastain and Riva both outacted her last year, but it didn’t seem to matter. Shame cause Lupita gives a gut-wrenching performance.

      1. JL is VERY talented – so yes the hype is overrated but she does have the goods. She was great in Winter’s Bone, Hunger Games, and SLP – BUT COULDN’T AGREE MORE with the oscars last year. Huge fail. In addition, if Lupita doesn’t win this year… Just no.

      2. Quvenzhané Wallis outshone Lawrence as well. Her performance was the weakest of the five, but whatever Harvey wants, Harvey gets, I guess.

        1. Quvenzhané Wallis? Please stop. Don’t let your irrational hatred of Jennifer Lawrence blind you from seeing her talent.

          1. Your irrational fetish *for* Jennifer Lawrence is blinding you to her shortcomings as a performer. Go back and watch her in the, “THIS is an emotion scene” – where she shows zero emotion – and tell me again Wallis didn’t do a better job.

            Spoiler Alert: She did.

        2. Hilariously , the media continues to overpraise Jennifer Lawrence. She can’t act on stage , she was awkward , stiff , and out of place hosting SNL ( proving she can’t act in a live setting ) . I still have not seen her act with any ounce of complexity and depth . JLaw has the inability to express any real emotions through her face , and she voices most of her lines like she is tongue tied. In Winter’s Bone , Lawrence was acted off the screen by most of the unknown cast . Unfortunately, I always feel Jennifer Lawrence is playing grown-up with her performances

          1. Quote ” I always feel Jennifer Lawrence is playing grown-up with her performances”
            I feel the same way. I actually like her in Winter’s Bone. But everyone else acted rings around her…especially John Hawkes. It’s sad that she got that Oscar. Now everyone is waiting for her to live up to it. She’s not a terrible actress. I just don’t see why anyone deserved anything for SLP. It is mediocre.

          2. You don’t seem to think that you are also being biased? I mean just the comment where you talk about the fact the she “brags” about not learning anything tells me already what your opinion is of her.
            She may not have went to school for it but I can assure you that she is much more gifted than most people in the industry are. Her performance are raved by so many in the industry. She’s been a standout performer even when she didn’t do big budget movies yet. She won accolades for just about every movies she made, including her first 2. She won a n emerging actor awards and an outstanding performance award in the festivals that she presented her first 2 films and she even won an outstanding young performer for her role in the mediocre bill envgall show. what does that tell you? how can someone unknown get awards for unknown movies at such a young age if she’s not giving convincing performances? How is it that she got nominated for the oscars when she was basically unknown? was the media and Harvey weinstein sucking up to her then? obviously not since they hadn’t heard of her yet. Look up the past interviews before her success in winter’s bones, where her directors and fellow costars are raving about her .

            Just because you think she’s bragging about not learning this stuff doesn’t make her somewhat unworthy of the accolades she gets. She comes of as very raw and authentic in her roles. Her eyes actually express more emotions that I knew eyes could alone. Her performances go from subtle to dramatic like a boss. Her manic and body movements change in every movie she plays in. As for her lines I have yet to see her flub them for no good reason. The way her character was in SLP was set up to be like that. A clear pronunciation and dictation of lines doesn’t necessarily make them seem more real. That can actually kill a performance and make it look forced. In fact Tiffany seemed more real to me because of the way she would spontaneously blur out some things imperfectly. And BTW that was the only character of hers where her lines are not delivered smoothly, and it was clearly done on purpose. David O’russell is known for liking spontaneity and realistic portrayals. Otherwise every other one of her characters have been on point in terms of lines and every one of them has been different. I strongly suggest that you watch “the poker house” and “burning plain”…I also strongly suggest that you keep an open mind and rewatch both “winter’s bones” and SLP and look at the range of emotions she conveys, whether it is through Tiffany’s spontaneous and hot headed personality or through Ree’s more reserved and guarded one. Her emotions come through effortlessly for both and her comedic chops in SLP are perfect.

            Also just because SLP was a comedy doesn’t make it any less deserving of the accolades it got. I came out of the movie extremely happy after I saw that movie. And that’s what a good movie and good performances will do for you. If they move a lot of people than it means that they were probably very good. SLP did a lot better than it was expected to and that’s because many people were talking so well about it after they wen’t to watch it.

            You have to learn that a performance doesn’t have to be dramatic to be good and that just because a role is serious or is going through more hardship doesn’t mean that the performance is good because of that. Take chastain’s role. The whole movie she rarely showed much emotion because she was suppose to be this tough girl. And a girl she was the whole time while I watched ZDT. She didn’t convince me at all as the tough character that she was suppose to portray. It didn’t help that her voice was too soft and she would randomly say cool in scenes that were suppose to be somewhat weighted. It also didn’t help that she had this stoic look from time to time at moments when she was suppose to be grieving. All she had was an over the top moment where she’s screaming at the boss and an little bit of crying at the end with not nearly enough conviction for someone who spent so much of her time dealing with such a hard job. You also don’t have to play a character that basically Handicapped like Rivas to entice sympathy. She was usually just thee in the movie looking as miserable as she could portray, something not that hard to do when you are old and look more vulnerable and supposedly on your death bed In fact the standout performance for me in that movie was her husband ( jean-Louis trintigant). He had the freedom of expressing a lot more emotions because his role didn’t constrain him as much as it did emmanuelle.

          3. BTW Tiffany was not your typical textbook oscar bait character. What other character that you know comes close to being an aggressive, defensive, depressive, sexually confident, hot headed, and unapologetic ex sex addict on the path of recovery. I didn’t read the book but I easily I easily caught all of that from Jennifer’s performance. Not to mention that she added her excellent comedic flair to all of that. It takes imagination, spontaneity, and talent to create a character like that. How do you build on such an unusual character? How do you tackle that?

            I sure would like to have your take on how complex Chastain and Rivas’s characters supposedly were. For me they were very stereotyped characters that required no imagination to portray (other actors have been there and done that more convincingly) and they were full oscar baits because of the context and situations in which they were in. In other words it wasn’t so much that their performances that were that good as it was the subject matter that their characters tackled that made their performance seem better than they were.

        3. I really don’t like people who post their opinion like it’s a fact. There is something called difference of opinion. Get over yourself.

          1. gabs, I am just being very observant and honest . JLaw has repeatedly bragged about never studying acting and only memorizing her lines until she gets the set , yet it shows in her acting performances . Recently, Jennifer turned down the opportunity to talk with Inside The Actor’s Studio group, but she turned it down because she doesn’t have the knowledge nor the experience to speak in detail about the acting process. It would have been completely embarrassing .

          2. I love how people like you think you have it all figured out. There is nothing shameful about her not having the knowledge about the acting process. Everyone knows that Jennifer does her acting spontaneously and there is no right or wrong way to act, there is just the right way for you. Also the fact that she turned down inside the actor’s studio shows a sign of humility. She clearly feels that she is not deserving enough yet to go there like her idols. That is to be commended rather than criticized.

            But even if she doesn’t have as much experience as many actors you should know that some people are actually gifted enough in something not to need to do as many gig or get as much practice as others to do it even better than others who have had years of trial and error. My sister, for example, is a genius when it comes to dancing. She didn’t even go to dancing school to instinctly do spots turns the first time she tried a spin. She’s just so naturally good at it that she needs way less practice or training than the average person to dance amazingly.

            The fact that she got recognized by inside the actor’s studio already tells you that your weird idea, that her lack of preparation shows in her work, is bull. There hasn’t been one performance of hers that I felt was forced, overacted or bad.

          3. I love how you think you have it figured out. There is nothing shameful about her not having the knowledge about the acting process. Everyone knows that Jennifer is a spontaneous performer that didn’t go to acting classes, but the truth is there is no right or wrong process to act. All that matters is the right one for you. I’m also not sure how you can call the fact that she rejected Inside the actor’s studio embarrassing when she clearly did it because she felt that she’s not deserving enough or experienced enough to so quickly follow the footsteps of her idols. That shows humility and is to be commended rather than criticized. And yet many people don’t need as much experience or practice as the average person at something in particular because they are just naturally gifted at that specific thing. Take my sister for example who, in my opinion, is a dance genius. The first time she tried a spin she instinctively did a spot turn to perfection. You have no idea how hard that is to do on the first try and multiple tries after that, and yet here she was all new to spins and she did it like she had done it for years. Some people are just naturally talented and need less trial and errors than others to have something down. That is the case for Jennifer.

            Just the fact that inside the actor’s studio chose her at such a young age tells you how highly regarded her acting is. I have yet to see a performance from her that I felt was forced, rushed, hesitant, fake or bad. So let’s politely agree to disagree without, once again disrespecting the other’s opinion.

      3. People are talking about Lupita’s role like it’s revelation. Like they’ve never seen a performance like that before. I’ve seen the movie too people. Holliwood has been there done that. Many actresses have played the victim over the years and many have given a similar performance. It was good but it wasn’t a revelation…come on now.

        As for the people stating that Lawrence is overrated. I don’t see you making something in the movie industry. So my best guess is that your opinions aren’t actually as valuable as the people who actually work in the industry and who actually know what the hell they are looking at. My personal Opinion is that Jennifer Lawrence is amazing and that’s not because of her personality it’s because I personally love her acting.I’ve seen every single one of her movies and have been moved by almost everyone of them. And the fact that she started winning newcomer awards from her first movies, without being famous tells you everything you need to know. So don’t give me that crap about her being acknowledged because she’s popular.
        To each his own when it comes to acting. But please please please don’t state your opinion like it’s a fact because it’s not. People will agree and disagree because that’s what different perspectives bring about. But you are NOT the one whose opinion is the most valuable here. I dare you to tell me again that my taste in acting is bad just because it’s different from yours.

    2. Frozen very overrated, but it’s a weak year, so it’s the obvious front-runner. There will be lots of sympathy for Miyazaki, though, as this is his last film.

  2. J-Law over Lupita? Strongly disagree. What she was asked to perform vs what Lupita was asked to do, not even close. Lupita Nyong’o = performance of the year.

      1. How does being overexposed have anything to do with performance? Unless you meant to say overrated, and if you don’t know the difference between these two words than forgive for not taking your opinion too seriously.

  3. Jennifer Lawrence over Lupita?? over Sally Hawkins?? REALLY, people?
    I can’t believe it!!

    I like Jen, I realy do (she was outstanding in WB, she should’ve won for that and not for SLP). I think the Academy paid a lot of attention to the hunger games boxoffice instead of performances. Emanuelle was the best of 2012 (followed closely by Chastain)

    I hope this year they watch the movies and not the numbers.

    1. Unfortunately, these days, it’s all about the numbers.

      No one (except Yours Truly) cares about quality in filmmaking anymore. The new Follywood – and, unfortunately, world – philosophy is:

      Box Office Success = Quality.

      Never mind that 90% of the world – and, hence, the majority of ticket-buying auds – doesn’t know shit about films and filmmaking.

    2. I agree with you. I think they confused them. HG was the big talk last year , not SLP. SLP was just what the critics liked , not so much the public. Most people that I know that saw SLP were disappointed . Actually I think she should have won for HG over SLP

  4. I was really hoping for an award for Sipke Jonze screenplay (Her). I haven’t seen American Hustle but in general I believe David O.Russell in completely overated…

    1. I saw AH and it’s a muddled semi-incoherent stab at Scorcese. Not good at all in my opinion. Very weirded out by the NYFC love for it right now.

  5. I’m really sorry Fassbender was overlooked for this one. He was mesmerizing, and in a very difficult role.

  6. Good for Jennifer Lawrence…she is that fucking great. My guess is Lupita will win the Oscar (and good for her, she’s wonderful!)…this is just the NYCCA people. But giving Lawrence a hard time because the CRITICS went with her performance is full of shit. They are both talented actors and leave it at that.

    1. I don’t think people are giving JL a hard time. But she clearly isn’t the best supporting actress this year.Lupita Nyong’o is going to get the Oscar. There is nobody in that field can touch that performance. I like JL and no I haven’t seen American Hustle , but her acting skill isn’t equal to Lupita ‘s .

      1. I doubt Lupita would get even half the amount of attention if people didn’t equate empathy for the character’s suffering with the quality of her performance. Both Alfre and Sarah were better in 12 Years a Slave than Lupita was, but aren’t contenders sue to more limited screen time and the lack of OMG Oscar scenes.

        1. You MUST be on CRACK. No actor anywhere was asked to perform what Lupita was asked. NO ONE. All I can say is, did Armond White vote in this???

          1. wow relax now, she was very good but come now…you’re making it seem like she’s some sort of revelation. I’ve seen this type of character being played before. Hollywood has been there done that and have had far more memorable characters playing a similar role. Don’t act like Lupita’s role was a revelation because it wasn’t. It was very good but it was oscar bait typical and far too familiar and unoriginal for me to be blown away by it. How many actors have I seen being the victims and doing it just as well or even better.

      2. anonymous says: “she(JL)clearly isn’t the best supporting actress this year” and then in the next line admits he hasn’t seen “American Hustle”. so much for valid opinion.

  7. Easy, guys, New York critics just want to dine with J.Law. It’s not about performance. They just want her to eat with them and entertain them. Sally Hawkins, June Squibb, Lupita Nyong’o, Octavia Spencer, Lea Seydoux, Emily Watson and even Cameron Diaz were all better than her but they’re not current IT girl. Common folks want to dine with IT girl. Just that.

    1. I agree, she pretty and the new American Sweetheart, every critics want to be on her good side. When did critics sank this low?

  8. Some people will always be more taken with dramatic performances than comedic ones. Jennifer Lawrence won every award last year except the BAFTA, and deserved them all. If she’s nominated for “American Hustle” she will have received 3 Oscar nominations in four years – and she’s only 23. Only people like Michael Murphy and Diane Keaton in “Manhattan” would consider her “overrated.”

  9. That’s all folks! Awards Season is over: Argo 2.0 will sweep…

    Also, Ernest and Celestine should’ve won Best Anim.

  10. 12 YEARS is absolutely overrated. Fassbender gave a annoying one note scenery chewing performance. And then of course, Brad Pitt shows up in the movie — wearing an Amish beard (!?!)– to remind everyone that slavery is bad. Thank you, Brad!
    There. I said it. Does that make me racist?
    PS…I never even liked Jared Leto but that performance was amazing. Out of any actor this year, he should be heralded for his work.

    1. @Terrorbeast — Obviously you didn’t read the book, because a Canadian white man (Pitt) was responsible for Northrup’s freedom.

    2. I’m not sure if !2 years is overrated. Not my favorite film , but the acting is first rate. and I don’t mean Pitts cameo . Doesn’t make you a racist. we all have different tastes. I felt the same way about Precious. But that also had amazing acting.

      1. @Terrorbeast
        “There, I said it. Does that make me racist?”

        You sound paranoid! You should answer that question since it’s in your head. I loved the movie. You don’t like it. OK. That’s all you needed to say.
        As for Leno, I totally agree. I’m not a huge fan but he’s great this year. This is coming from a huge Fassbender fan. Booth are great this year. I’m happy with whatever happens come awards time. I just love fine acting.

    3. @Terrorbeast – To make the comment “to remind everyone that slavery was bad”, proves that you are either an idiot or a racist or a both, AKA a Republican.

    4. I agree that 12 Years has been over-hyped. It’s a very good film and I’d like to see it get some awards this season. But the word of mouth (which I bought into before seeing this movie) promised that it would be something I’d never seen before. Slavery was supposed to have been tackled in an original way. (I’m not sure what was meant by comments like that – but it wasn’t.) The direction and acting were supposed to be incredible. (Direction was ok – but this felt like just another installment of Roots. Acting was very good and the supporting actress award is highly deserving.) My main issue, however, is that the movie doesn’t say anything new. The storyline was very predictable – and by that I don’t just mean the plot, but there was nothing that challenges our thinking. The bad guys were the bad guys and the good guys were the good guys. The brutality is upsetting and the predicament is a nightmare – but we know that going in.

      1. 12 Years is overhyped/rated if one doesn’t have true empathy for the characters and the terror they endured. That’s going to be the major issue in the U.S. when it comes to this movie.

        It’s one of the most beautiful movies…Top 10… absolutely.

        Imagine JLAW as Patsey… making all of the same “choices” artistically. There wouldn’t even be a question. Also, we know JLAW’s baseline, so there is something to compare/measure with JLAW’S work (I kinda feel like she’s playing herself in Hunger Games), but I get the sense that people think Nyong’o is similar enough to Patsey for it to have not been a stretch for her to play such a character. In that case, please checkout her work as a documentary filmmaker and previous roles. Lupita is not Patsey; Lupita was Patsey.

        Now Eliza was…just distracting. Eliza was an older woman in real life (during the span of the narrative) and would have been better played by a more mature actress, certainly, but Lupita’s portrayal of Patsey’s desperation… her calm in the face of death… her ability to show how a woman survives daily rape by removing herself from her body… practically floating away. Her stunted growth, emotionally, that she used to survive in her own little world escaping only to figure out how to survive until the next day, not always successfully… yet she observed Solomon enough to hope that he could be the one to help deliver her from her torment.

        The real life person Lupita Nyong’o portrayed on-screen for the world, had a harrowing story… and Nyong’o, I believe, honored that woman.

        TYAS shows us a truth, often absconded, of how the institution was not simply male slave, male overseer, male plantation owner, and a willing mulatto mistress… we get to see and experience, for once, the enslaved African woman’s triple burden having her “WOMANNESS” stripped from her; her right to be attached to the children she brings into the world; her right to feel; all things removed to justify her use as a beast of burden.

        Not feeling… not empathizing with the PEOPLE… the real life people portrayed in this movie, renders the movie as nothing more than an annoyance that privilege, has the privilege to dismiss.

        1. Lupita was great no doubt…but in all honesty it’s just too familiar to many other roles I’ve seen. And I have to say there some victim roles that have been far more memorable than Lupita’s.

          Another thing I would like to know is how you cam to he conclusion that Jennifer lawrence was playing herself for the hunger games. Jennifer lawrence in real life is a goofball who talks incessantly and who’s eyes always seem to be smiling. Her character in the hunger games is guarded, moody, defiant, and looks miserable. I’m not sure how she’s playing herself there.

  11. I agree with everyone about Jennifer Lawrence is overrated. If she didn’t campaigned with Harvey Weinstein backing her, she will not win this year. She is a good actress, but not in the level of Oscar worthy. But she is the it girl, everyone want her to be the favorite. She overexposed, over rated!!

  12. I can’t wait enough for American Hustle! All is Lost was very underrated and deserves recognition especially for Redford, but only maybe a nom in the oscars not a win. Saw Twelve Years a Slave finally last night and thought everything about it was terrific. Jared Leto was a tour de force in Dallas Buyers Club as well.

  13. The NYFCC has always been more interesting for their omissions rather than for their choices. This year’s most glaring example is the cold shoulder they gave to their favorite native son (and they’ve been slobbering over every one of Scorsese’s cinematic excretions for nearly 50 years). Not a good omen. Could it possibly be that his overhyped “Wolf” is enshrouded in sheep’s clothing after all? We’ll find out soon enough.

  14. I love Jennifer Lawrence, but that is insane. Over Lupita? No. One could even argue that Sally Hawkins and Octavia Spencer were just as good as Jennifer. Jennifer is an amazing actress, but I do wonder if this “over hype” and the giant pedestal she is being put on is going to backfire on her. It seems like too much, too soon.

  15. I can’t understand why so many of the commentators focus on lawrence vs Lupita as if this was the greatest injustice. I feel that has more to do with lawrence hate than actual outrage for Lupita. I doubt most people have seen Lupita in anything but 12 years of slave and its not as if she was a clear frontrunner, or has been overlooked for an oscar for years.I believe this is one of her first movies.
    The person who was really snubbed here imo is Chiwetel Ejiofor who delivered a mezmerizing performance in 12 years of a slave. its shocking that he was overlooked. Chiwetel is a criminally under rated actor who has a great body of work and i am gonna be so disappointed if his work isn’t recognised in a big way this year.

    1. Thank you Lola, I was thinking the same thing. Chiwetel is amazing and has been overlooked for far too long. Regardless of how anyone views “12 Years A Slave” what cannot be denied is his haunting and phenomenal performance. I really hope he gets the nod this year. He’s awesome!!!!

    2. Absolutely not. I don’t think people who care enough about the movie TYAS, care enough to “hate” Jennifer Lawrence. They’re likely not fanboys and girls. Let’s not turn Lawrence into a victim here… she’s fine.

      The awards are not for a body of work, but specific productions. Body of work should mean nothing unless the actor has been getting snubbed for years… Ejiofor, in my mind, trumps Nyong’o performance, but the Best Male actor category was so STRONG…

      1. That isn’t the point its not about making lawrence a victim its about why aren’t people recognising Chiwetel on this site? If one were to talk about outstanding performances from TYAS it would be Chiwetel. He literally carries the movie. He is in every scene. Its a towering performance. Very few actors could pull that off.
        If i was gonna chose someone to be outraged about it would be him. Nevermind that i doubt most people have even seen Lawrence performance so i doubt they are in a position to judge which is the more skilful performance.
        Don’t get me wrong, I think Lupita was wonderful but its chiwetel that should have been the talking point here in my opinion
        And please don’t tell me that body of work doesn’t count. Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and countless others got awarded more for a body of work than one especially outstanding performance that knocked everyone else out of the ballpark. There was a sense that their time had come. So the notion that its purely for one single performance seems flawed.

    1. … feel better about yourself now? We all, including you, are pretty sure her publicist is not on this page, but lying seems to come naturally to you @Anna. Anything to manipulate, right? Naturally.

    2. RME. Jennifer is a great actress, but Lupita blew it out of the water and nearly every critic said she should be a slam dunk winner. So yes, it’s a little hard to swallow when the white, blonde, corn-fed girl playing the sexy, hammy wife (I’ve seen the film) wins over a stunning performance by an African actress in a masterpiece of a film. It’s pretty clear WHY one won over the other, because she’s America’s sweetheart and because it’s an easier to swallow film and performance.

      1. how about you just try to be objective and wait till you see the movie before making judgements. Because if you are saying something like this without even having given American Hustle a chance then I would say that you opinion is hardly objective. You can’t go beyond the fact Lupita was playing a slave women. How the hell is that not gonna bring out some sort of emotion from anyone? that role is oscar bait in every way. But a movie doesn’t have to be dramatic or historically relevant to be great. There are great dramas just like there are great science fictions and comedies. Learn to broaden your taste. Otherwise you’re just one of the many biased and narrow-minded comments that we always see.

  16. JLawrence is adequate in SLP. She’s the HW ‘it’/boxoffice Weinstein girl. She should have won for WB. I’ll have to hold my opinion until I see AH. The only movie I like of David O’ is The Fighter so I will see. Fassbender should have won for Shame & Hunger. He’s amazing but so was Jared and I’m so happy for Leno. 12YAS is talked about a lot but not overrated. Congrats to McQueen. Lupita is great in 2YAS…and my vote is NOT a sympathy vote. Great performance and great accent work. I would like to hear more about Naomie Harris as Winnie Mandela. Amazing performance!! I’m happy for Fruitvale Station and the super talented Kate Blanchett. Having said all that, awards do not equal talent or a good performance these days. The real award is when people are still talking about your work.

  17. Is this Lupita Nyong’s family , friends and publicist forum, Luptia’s performance wasn’t a stand out , she’s not even the front runner, for the material and subject manner she was dealing with her acting was just good , not outstanding

    Obviously the people posting don’t see the incongruity in their offence of Jennifer Lawrence winning and how could her performance in American Hustle compare with Lupita Nyong’s even though the people commenting haven’t seen American Hustle.

  18. Not many people have seen American Hustle, there is an embargo on the reviews until next week but the buzz is that Lawrence steals the movie so i dont buy that most people here can say with certainty that Lupita blew JLaw out of the water. I highly doubt the 30 people commenting here are amongst the few people who have seen that movie and if so no one has explained what was so much better about Lupitas performance it just seems a lot of. I am half african myself and would most def want to see an african actress get the nod. But i am also an acting student so am not just about this in a political way its about the work, did she bring it?? Lawrence is actually considered a good talent by actors and directors. Is she hyped yes of course she is. But she still has very good talent on her.
    By the way chiwetel Ejiofor is also african how come there is hardly anyone stanning for him? Objectively speaking his is a way more skilful performance as i think most actors would tell you.

    1. Thank you…Finally someone who is objective. I did find that Lupita’s performance was very good but the problem for me was that I felt like I was watching something that i’ve seen over again. The victim role. How many in hollywood have played that? and there have been a couple of these characters that were more memorable than Lupita.
      The subject matter is hard and I venture a guess that it’s not the hardest acting gig to get into character when you are defining such a clear distinctive type of character ( already portrayed by many others), especially when that character has special meaning to you. It’s also easy for people to get falsely blown away with a performance because he or she is going through something horrible. These roles are suckers for oscars but that doesn’t necessarily mean that say a comedic act, for example, is any less good. It also takes talent to make people laugh, as I’m sure you know.

      The fact that many people here are talking about Lupita and not Chiwetel just goes to prove that the problem they have is Jennifer Lawrence. It’s not so much about the fact that Lupita was that amazing but the fact that they can’t stand Jennifer Lawrence for some reason.

  19. The reason there seems to be vitriole for Jennifer Lawrence ( a brilliant actress and that is already recognized by those critics/industry people whose opinions matter because they know what the fuck they are talking about) is because the same people post over and ovet again in different names…it’s meaningless.

    1. Can the same be said about Lawrence fans? Let others have their opinion. To be fare to Jennifer, some of us should see AM first before commenting on her performance.

      As for you, check your anger.

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