How Departed NBC Comedy '30 Rock' Landed SAG Awards Nominations

gal-sag-tina-fey-alec-baldwin-jpgBecause of the discrepancy between the broadcast TV season (September-May) and the eligibility period for the SAG Awards (calendar year), broadcast series get an extra shot at SAG Awards for the January-May portion of their final seasons. NBC’s 30 Rock did one better today, landing three SAG nominations despite airing only five episodes during the 2013 calendar year — the series’ final five installments.

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According to the SAG Awards rule book, eligible on the comedy side are “30 minute comedy series (with a minimum 21-23 minutes of actual programming content) with an ongoing theme and storyline in a minimum of six continuous episodes (reducible to a storyline of four continuous episodes in the cases in which the series is subject to a “short order.”) 30 Rock was not a subject of a short order; its final season included 13 episodes. But it qualified as SAG Awards’ eligibility rules are different for final seasons, said SAG Awards executive producer Kathy Connell. “In a final season, we allow a show to wrap as long it is in the calendar year,” and the six-episode minimum does not apply, she said.

This marks the eighth time 30 Rock, which ran for seven seasons, has competed at the SAG Awards.  It is nominated for best comedy ensemble; best comedy actor, Alec Baldwin; and best comedy actress, Tina Fey. Baldwin has been the most dominant winner in SAG Awards history with seven consecutive trophies for his role as Jack Donaghy. He has a good chance to extend that streak to eight, one more than his seasons on the show. His co-star, 30 Rock creator Fey, has nabbed four SAG Awards to date, including one this past January, and the series’ ensemble has won once.

  1. A little unorthodox, but I’m excited. Love me some 30 Rock and I hope it wins Best Ensemble. I think Julia Louis Dreyfus will overtake Tina Fey in Actress, but I do feel that Alec Baldwin will win again this year…or not!

  2. How did it land a nomination?

    Easy. The voters don’t care about the silly rules. They like the show. They nominated it. Mystery closed.

  3. How did 30 Rock land a nomination? It has JUICE. Still. Hell, juice is why NBC’s entire late night lineup will come out of one building in NYC now. (and it will fail hard)

    Because juice is all that matters in these awards shows. HILARIOUS how dupes actually believe it has to do with quality of performance.

  4. Those last five episodes were a low point for the show. If any 30 Rock cast member wins it turns it into a lifetime achievement award.

  5. I don’t mind that a show can be eligible for just a few episodes (would’ve loved to see recognition for Happy Endings and 1600 Penn). But when it’s already been nominated sooo many times, and it works out to 8 nominations for 7 actual seasons, that is just a complete and total joke!!!

  6. I’m a huge fan of 30 Rock and of Tina Fey, I love them too bits! Today I actually recieved season 6 of 30 Rock and been watching it, it’s the best comedy show ever!!!

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