Diane Keaton To Accept Woody Allen's Cecil B. DeMille Award At Golden Globes

woody-allen-diane-keatonEXCLUSIVE: Last week, we scooped that  Woody Allen would not attend the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards on  January 12 where he will be the recipient of the 2014 Cecil B. DeMille Award. Now we can reveal that his longtime friend and muse Diane Keaton will accept the award on his behalf. I have learned that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association made the decision to honor Allen with the knowledge that the Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning filmmaker would not attend. Keaton was then approached about receiving the award on his behalf. Keaton and Allen met in 1968 when she auditioned and was cast in his Broadway play, Play It Again, Sam. They were a couple for 5 years and are still very good friends today. Keaton appeared in eight Allen films spanning two decades, winning an Oscar and Golden Globe for 1976’s Annie Hall.

Allen is notorious about shunning awards shows. He wasn’t present to receive any of his four Oscars out of 23 nominations and has shied away from the Golden Globes despite 13 nominations and two wins. In fact, the only awards show he ever attended was the 2002 Academy Awards as an ambassador of New York, thanking Hollywood for its support of his beloved city post-9/11. “There is no one more worthy of this award than Woody Allen,” HFPA President Theo Kingma said in September when announcing Allen as the recipient. “His contributions to filmmaking have been phenomenal, and he truly is an international treasure.”

  1. WTF is his problem?! If he doesn’t wanna show up for the award, send it to me! It’d go nice next to my perfect attendance plaque!

    1. Because it’s an award show for entertainment and not something meaningful in life like curing cancer. Woody gets it. Don’t you? It really doesn’t take a brilliant mind to see the insignificance of these stupid award shows. Join with the rest of America in the giant circle jerk while Hollywood puts on one after another awards show honoring themselves. I hope you don’t watch these crappy things and think they really mean something?

  2. Not sure why he doesn’t want to attend these functions where he’s truly being honored. Is it a bit of self-centeredness, shyness, silent distaste for the Award ceremony? Or. . .? On one level, he’s thumbing his nose at an industry that has supported his creativity. Whatsamattahyou, Woody?
    You can come out of hiding now. . .It’;s safe! Honest!

    1. His distaste isn’t silent. He feels he’s been snubbed many times. He says that if he accepts when they decide his work is awards-worthy, he has to accept when they decide it’s not, and he simply will not do that.

      1. I see his “distaste,” as a bit of adolescent ego-snobbery. If he were in any way mature, he could transform all the “good/bad” attitudes with his own consistently positive attitude. This subliminal aspect is what communicates in his films, anyway, regardless on how brilliant or funny.

  3. No surprise, really, that the Woodman will once again avoid the award shows. You have to admire his commitment to his convictions, even if most director/writer/actors would probably elect to attend.

    But it IS the Globes, after all. It’s only the vote of 90 or so members. It’s a free dinner and a party, but really nothing more.

    1. Exactly. Woody avoiding awards shows is almost a tradition in itself. And these are the same ethically challenged folks who infamously doled out the Best Female Newcomer to Pia Zadora after her billionaire husband just about bribed the whole bunch.

  4. Sounds like an ungracious egomaniac. But I guess this kind of ingratitude is forgiven in the crazy world we live in.

  5. Love that Diane is going to accept it, it makes a movie fan very happy knowing that these two originals are still genuine friends….hilarious that people feel insulted that he’s not going to L.A and “the biz”….to me Allen is just being Allen and that’s why we (or some of us) love him. Congratulations.

    1. I agree. And I think Keaton’s acceptance has the potential to be one of 2013 awards season’s true highlights. She’s such an original, and this should bring a delightful, extra layer of comedic female gold to the Fey-Poehler proceedings.

  6. In an industry driven by the need to be accepted and adored, to be considered “the best” by your peers, there’s something wonderful about Allen’s longstanding refusal to fall into that Awards Show trap, choosing instead to focus solely on his work.

    Love it or hate it, you gotta admit, in a town where convictions are tenuous, at best, it’s pretty darn impressive how strongly Woody respects himself and what he does.

  7. Passive/aggressive nonsense. Gets more attention not attending. Talented, yet deeply disturbed man. His dramatic films – Crimes and Misdemeanors, Match Point….have a strong morality that is at the same time ironic and hypocritical. Will Keaton accept posing as a stammering cute-as-a-button 70 year old? Will NBC limit audience reaction shots to every geezer in attendance that Keaton banged? Wake me when it’s over.

  8. As I said before,anyone who gets a lifetime achievement award like this one SHOULD be present and not send some flunky to get it on your behave.I think you should give it to someone else like Steve Martin or Mel Brooks or even better Jerry Lewis.Another bad call from our good friends at the Foreign Press Association.

  9. Wow — everybody’s so gullible.

    Diane Keaton will come out and accept the award, and she’ll then apologize for Woody’s absence. About halfway through her speech, Woody will come on stage, as a “surprise,” and the audience will give a standing ovation to the Allen-Keaton reunion. I’ve lived long enough, and I’ve seen everything — even this (even though it hasn’t happened yet).

  10. Diane Keaton is the hottest actress on the planet!
    Why aren’t her hand-prints on The Hollywood walk of fame?
    Why isn’t a beautiful California street named after her? And an Airport named after her? And wouldn’t a beautiful Rose named after be even more exciting? Diane Keaton keeps Hollywood Alive!

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