Danish Film Critics Undress & Swoon In 'Nymphomaniac'-Themed Campaign (Photo)

The poster below begs the question: Would any of the U.S. critics bodies show their actual bodies to drum up support for their awards? With tongues firmly planted in cheeks, the Danish film critics association has come up with a campaign to remind folks of its February Bodil Awards, Denmark’s major kudos. Arguably the most internationally anticipated film to come out of Denmark this year will be Lars von Trier’s sex-o-rama Nymphomaniac which releases on Christmas Day. And, so, the Danish critics, who award the Bodils, have provided their own personal take on that film’s now infamous marketing. The headline reads: “This is what Danish film critics look like when they enjoy great movies.” The last line on the poster posits: “They are coming to the Bodil Award Show… Are you?” Ick? Or cool?


  1. I once owned a Danish DIET cook-book. It said that for desert you should just have a little brandy and a small piece of chocolate cake.

    Danes know how to let loose and enjoy life. More power to ’em.

  2. If those are the actual critics, those are the best-looking female film writers I’ve ever seen.

    And notice how no one is obese, just one guy who’s overweight. I guess they don’t swallow their disappointment with bad movies with fast food like us fatty ‘Mericans. :-)

  3. Dude needs to stop drinking his own kool-aid.

    Such an awful filmmaker after Dancer In The Dark. WTF happened?

  4. therein lies the principle difference between Danish critics and US critics – Danish critics don’t take themselves very seriously, and get laid…good for them!

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