Alec Baldwin is returning to TV hosting on January 6 — that was quick.alec baldwin

Baldwin will be seen taking over hosting duties on TCM’s Private Screenings to interview TCM’s Robert Osbourne . Osbourne, who usually hosts Private Screenings Essentials_baldwinamong his many duties on the network, is switching chairs that one night, to pick the night’s four movies — and be interviewed about his career by Baldwin. Baldwin’s a good choice — of the several actors who’ve co-host TCM’s The Essentials franchise with Osbourne over the years, he was by far the best. Baldwin co-hosted the 2009 and 2010 seasons of the film showcase, spotlighting a specific movie each week, with discussion before and after the film. After Baldwin left, Drew Barrymore took over. The Osbourne table-turning is part of TCM’s celebration of its 20th anniversary, Osbourne having been the face of the network since its launch.

Baldwin’s interview with Osbourne actually was taped late in the summer. Late last week, Baldwin stepped down as host of his own interview show, MSNBC’s Up Late, and the show was canceled, after he was taped using an anti-gay slur during a street confrontation with a press photographer.

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