AFI Awards 2013: 'Orange Is The New Black', 'Masters Of Sex', 'House Of Cards' Among Top 10 TV Programs, 'Homeland' & 'Modern Family' Out

The-logo-for-this-years-AFI-Awards_event_mainThere are no hard rules for AFI‘s list of Top 10 programs of the year as the film institute tends to mix critical darlings with crowd pleasers, series, miniseries and TV movies. (Cable ratings juggernauts The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Asylum made the AFI Awards list last year, along with the HBO movie Game Change). No longform entries on this year’s list, which features one major surprise — the omission of ABC’s Emmy-winning Modern Family, KERRY WASHINGTONwhich had been among AFI’s  Top 10 programs each of the past four years. Also MIA this season is Showtime’s drama Homeland, which made the cut the last two years. This is the most drama-heavy AFI list I can remember, with only one half-hour series, HBO’s Veep. (Netflix’s hourlong Orange Is The New Black was nominated as a comedy by the WGA but is competing as a drama for the Golden Globes and the Emmys.)

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The guilty pleasure on the roster is ABC’s hot sophomore drama Scandal, landing its first major best series awards recognition.  The rest of the series have been in top awards consideration and received WGA noms last week, with the exception Game Of Thrones, which was not in the running due to a submission error. Returning from last year are Game Of Thrones, Emmy winner Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Here is the full list:


  1. americans is better than homeland?

    veep is better than parks and rec?

    this is pure hegemonic swaying of the critics by twitter noise generated by the marketing departments.

      1. dear small “n,”

        all of these shows had been represented disproportionately in the social media.

        is that what the critics’ job is now? tallying up the twitter hits ,and then declare a winner?

        when parks and rec came out, it was the “best” and the “greatest,”

        and no one gave a crap about the veep until the audiences caught on.

        this is not criticism, it’s critical mass.

        1. dear david elliott — OR…. not everyone shares your opinion. Veep is a damn good show and so is The Americans. You like the other two better. Big whoop! Chill out, dude.

    1. Yes, Veep is better than Parks & Rec. Granted, they don’t have to make as many of them per season but it still towers over the Pawnee follies in every way.

  2. and where is TREME????

    they declared it “one of the best” only two years ago,

    but as the marketing dollars drop, so does the critics’ so-called objectivity.

  3. Like most of America, I watch exactly ZERO of those shows. Sampled most of them, hated every one I saw.

  4. OR….not.

    After Breaking Bad, some of the most tweeted shows this fall have been the Voice, Jimmy Kimmel, Glee, Dancing With the Stars, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, X Factor…where are those shows on the AFI list?

  5. Glad to see SCANDAL on there ! Best show Ever ! Not an opinion , that is fact ! Kerry Washington has broke a barrier that not many can build again . She has outdone herself and anyone else . That show truly deserves to be #1 ! No Doubt !

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