International Box Office Stars 2013

YearEnd2013_badge__131227212819Which superstar outdrew their peers to top the international box office in 2013? The answer might surprise you. Here are the Top 10 Hollywood heavyweights of this year’s global live-action hits whose star power played a significant role in international returns (Sandra Bullock just missed making the cut). Click on a photo to launch the slideshow countdown:

*Based on current estimates
Credit: Robert Mitchell,

2 years
This is not a fair listing when The Rock has 3 movies that BARELY make more than...
2 years
Hollywood hates women...ok,happy now? Only one woman under 25! No women of color either! Conspiracy I say!
you're so silly
2 years
Dear Ummm, Simply put,the list is HOW theses films performed. IE:HITS. Great job Deadline Team, well organized...