Hunger Games: Catching Fire star Josh Hutcherson wasn’t even alive in the ’80s, but the mullet fit as he lip-synched The Outfield’s 1985 chart-topper “Your Love” in one of Saturday Night Live‘s better, and least explainable, sketches. (He did go ’90s retro in his 2012 indie Detention.) Elsewhere in the night Hutcherson’s highlights included a Hunger Games-themed monologue as well as him playing the straight man to Beck Bennett’s office boss-in-a-baby-body and his brief turn as a special correspondent in Mike O’Brien’s Bugs skit. Maybe a Horrible Bosses sequel is in this kid’s future – or Anchorman 3? Weigh in on the clips below.

Opening monologue

Office Boss

1 year
I loved the monologue, baby body skit, the 80s song parody skit and the news. I agree...
1 year
i agree! it was overall amazing right?? that snl show was the best in this whole MONTH...
1 year
This episode was actually pretty damn good considering they had two really hilarious skits and two or...