BBC‘s Sherlock returns for its 3rd season on January 19 on PBS in the U.S., picking up after Season 2’s “Reichenbach Fall” finale. Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the 30-second teaser for Sherlock‘s return that was unveiled during today’s 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special:

But wait, there’s more! BBC also dropped a new teaser for its Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special:

3 years
You do realize that Elementary only exists because CBS execs loved Sherlock and Moffatt refused to do...
Scotland Yard
3 years
For the record, I love both Sherlock AND Elementary as well.Granted,the Pbs version may be darker in...
Mario Silva
3 years
Lilacs...please go and watch the TIVO recordings of your favorite show and leave this thread alone...and btw...ELEMENTARY...

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