Sight & Sound, John Waters Name The Top Ten Films Of 2013

Spring Breakers Best Of 2013Here’s a pair of just-released Top 10 lists that make Quentin Tarantino’s favorite films of 2013 look downright pedestrian. Over in the UK, Sight & Sound Magazine picks Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing the best picture of the year while cult filmmaker John Waters names Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers #1. With the onslaught of end-of-year Top 10s yet to come, could this year’s crop of critical picks be leaning arthouse just as Oscar trends toward indie? See how yours stack up:

Sight & Sound:
1. The Act of Killing
2. Gravity
3. Blue is the Warmest Color
4. The Great Beauty
5. Frances Ha
6. A Touch of Sin
7. Upstream Color
8. The Selfish Giant
9. Norte, the End of History & Stranger By The Lake (TIE)

John Waters in ARTFORUM (via MCN):
1. Spring Breakers
2. Camile Claudel 1915
3. Abuse Of Weakness
4. Hors Satan
5. After Tiller
6. Hannah Arendt
7. Beyond The Hills
8. Blue Jasmine
9. Blackfish
10. I’m So Excited

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  1. Springbreakers….. May as well have said Sharknado. Art house cinema can be great and it would be disappointing if the lists were filled with mainstream movies, but the only big name movie here is gravity (which deserves to be there). 2013 has not been a bad year for big movies, by not including a few mainstream movies all they are doing is alienating the general public and giving them the view as Kpax has already said ‘pretentious’.

    Coke don’t try and sell their drink by having beautiful people telling ugly people they can’t drink it, or have millionaires slapping them out of poor peoples hands because it would alienate the audience. Anyone who claims that they only put art house productions up there because they are the best movies are deluded too, they merely want to give the impression that they are above the movie going public.

  2. Never ceases to amaze me how some ‘film fan’ tries to justify his/her own middlebrow taste or lack of cinematic adventurousness by deriding real cinefile top 10 lists as pretentious. Insecure much?

    1. Thank you. Was reading these comments and coming to a similar conclusion myself. These lists must really threaten the intellectually insecure. God forbid you ever praise a movie that didn’t sit atop the box office charts.

      1. Whilst I agree that “pretentious” is a label often used by people who feel intellectually insecure I think there’s enough nuance in the argument to call these guys out for being willfully arcane and contrarian without it leading, in turnm, to the conclusion that one is only interested in blockbusters or that one is in some way fearful of an overtly leftfield and progressive artistic sensibility.

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