One of the most poignant moments to come out of last Saturday’s Deadline event THE CONTENDERS was the story relayed by screenwriter Danny Strong and co-producer Pam Williams demonstrating the late Laura Ziskin‘s unbridled  passion for getting Lee Daniels’ The Butler to the screen against all odds. As one of the film’s key producers (she is posthumously eligible for a Best Picture Oscar and PGA nomination along with Williams and Daniels) her dedication and tenacity to what would eventually become a hit film and true contender even was evident the week she died as this segment powerfully proves.

The Contenders 2013: ‘All Is Lost’ And Robert Redford’s Heavy Breathing (Video)

Cheering Section
3 years
How lucky we are to witness Laura Ziskin's indomitable spirit carry on through the friends and colleagues...
3 years
Wow. Never let it be said there aren't some really amazing people in this town.
3 years
Laura Ziskin - What an amazing woman! From everything I read and hear about her, she "dared...