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Stephen Fry To Return As Host For BAFTA Film Awards

On February 16th, Stephen Fry will mark his ninth turn as emcee for the EE British Academy Film Awards. The UK’s resident renaissance man, Fry has been a popular choice and proved an erudite, witty presence over the years who keeps things moving along apace. Last year’s BAFTA ceremony scored the show’s highest ratings for BBC One since 2004. Fry said of the hosting gig, “Despite the nerves and terror that something might go wrong and that I’ll make a fool of myself, it’s an annual event I really look forward to. I think it’s fundamentally because I love film so much. Film is one of the arts that most spreads the essence of our identity around the world, and our admiration and appreciation of global filmmaking ensures that the EE British Academy Film Awards sit comfortably on the world stage of film awards events honoring the best of the best.” BAFTA nominations will be unveiled on January 8th (the same day that Oscar nominations voting ends) with the ceremony to be held at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

  1. Why is Fry excited? Many people believe award shows of any type are totally unnecessary! And boring as entertainment.

  2. May we please see this in America, or have web access that isn’t blocked? Fry is an international treasure.

  3. Many award shows are boring but not BAFTA and not Stephen Fry who’s brilliant. You can keep all the others; nobody does it better than the Brits!

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