'Saving Mr. Banks' Q&A: “It's All True – All This DID Happen” (Video)

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Tis the season for many things but that also includes awards season, and this year what seems likeSAVING MR. BANKS more Q&A sessions than ever before.  If you have a contender you are out there touting it at screenings all over LA, New York, San Francisco and all points in between. Here’s an exclusive look at one I recently was happy to moderate for Saving Mr. Banks in front of a packed house of guild and AMPAS members at the Directors Guild theatre in Hollywood.  Stars Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Colin Farrell plus director John Lee Hancock, writer Kelly Marcel and producer Alison Owen were on the panel but it was Richard M. Sherman, the 85-year-old Oscar-winning composer of Mary Poppins who stole the show as recounted how “it was all true” about the making of that classic 1964 film that represents the last time a Disney-labeled live-action film had a Best Picture Oscar nominee of its own. Could it happen again nearly 50 years later?

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  1. What’s interesting is dick Sherman wasn’t listed as a panel guest. And I was delighted that he “just shows up”. He was/is the key to the films’ authenticity. The sad thing is the panel discussion didn’t last long enough. Was fab. Thanks.

  2. I can’t wait to see this movie. I just wish it had been a musical, including new songs from Richard Sherman with contemporary writers.

    How about a Broadway musical about the making of Mary Poppins?

  3. The film was a lot of fun and should fly well with the public. The panel lasted MORE than “long enough.” When you get to the third or fourth self serving idiotic comment/question(if you get to ask a question at a screening, please try to remember that the rest of us don’t give a damn about you and your life and would love a relevant inquiry), it is time to end – and they did (thankfully)

  4. Years ago I bought a book from a now defunct store, a biography.It unfortunately got stolen a week later. It had the best, nastiest details about Walt Disney, the company, and Tommy Kirk! Wow, wow, wow!

  5. There are things living in the infected bowels of deep sea predators that I care about more than this movie.

  6. The Sherman Brothers are a national treasure. One can only hope to be as sharp and vibrant as Dick is at 85 years old. He is the coolest.

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