The Contenders 2013: 'Nebraska' Screenwriter Bob Nelson: “I Will Be In A Lot Of Trouble When This Comes Out” (Video)

After first appearing in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in May where it won the Best Actor prize for Bruce Dern, Alexander Payne‘s Nebraska has been turning up at various festivals including Telluride, New York and London and now finally opens in theaters Friday. Appearing on the Paramount Pictures panel at Deadline’s THE CONTENDERS event, screenwriter Bob Nelson talked about an even longer period of time just to get it made. For ten years Payne has had his script and now the time was finally right to get it done. Nelson took inspiration from his own mid-western family and says he’s a little worried about their reaction once they see the movie.

  1. To anyone who thinks you write dialog and the story will come, yes, it happened with Diner, but you are clueless and not an artist. You are a producer in writer’s clothing. Stop it. You have nothing in common with the artists you strive to mimic. It’s enough. Bob Nelson is an artist. He’s authentic. He’s not privilege manufactured into an artistic career. Bob, we love you dearly.

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