The Man of Steel helmer’s action-packed two minutes-plus follows Superman from Action Comics #1 through 75 years of comic book, TV, film, even video game incarnations. Zack Snyder, Bruce Timm and Warner Bros Animation created the clip in which the Last Son of Krypton leaps a tall building in a single bound! He channels George Reeves and pummels bad guys! He hangs with the Super Friends! He … he … oh, just check it out for yourself:

Superman Sequel Will Feature Batman In “One Explosive New Film”

Why Ben Affleck As Batman Is Good Move For Warner Bros

3 years
They did NOT leave out the tribute to the Fleisher Superman look at the costume change when...
3 years
You're complaining about a water tower? Really? Hundreds of millions to Warner Bros. over a decade in...
3 years
yeah - if only they could have also left out the turd that was Smallville...