David Letterman has probably wanted to be able to tell NBC what to do with their late night line-up for years – even if it is advising Seth Meyers on what name to put on the mugs for his upcoming 12:30 AM slot show, which debuts on the Peacock on Feb. 24, 2014. As you’ll see in the video from tonight’s Late Show on CBSthere is a method to Letterman’s madness.

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Jimmynot jimmy
3 years
Not a bad idea; but the name won't save the ratings. NBC Latenight will no longer be...
Mark K.
3 years
They could also call it "Tomorrow Coast to Coast" and have Rona Barrett co-host. Just a thought.
Dave's Cool
3 years
That's a "Lose/Lose" for Meyers. If he replies with a smart-assed answer for Dave, he looks like...