James Franco explained his new book, Actors Anonymous, on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Some of the chapters are lists of statements:

– I was alive when Shakespeare wrote all that crap.

– I am all actors.

– When they get older some actors that were once respected become clowns.

– Quentin’s best films are Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. They had heart and soul. His new movies are fantasies. He’s an authority on the LA underworld and B movies. Somewhere along the way his characters became their dialogue and lost some of their heart.

“Now, is that true?” Kimmel asked.

“I wouldn’t say that’s, like, fully me, but — I mean, I loved Django,” Franco tap-danced.

Watch here:

Mark J
3 years
Ah, yes. James Franco knows everything there is to know about film because he "went to film...
3 years
@Atasi . James Franco is brilliantly stupid. He releases a lot of art that is critically panned...
3 years
Are you James Franco per chance?