Kate Winslet plays a reclusive single mom whose 13-year-old son struggles to be the man of the house. Their lives change when they meet a guy (Josh Brolin) who persuades them to take him in. Little do they know he’s an escaped convict. Writer-director Jason Reitman‘s film, which debuted at Telluride en route to Toronto, is adapted from Joyce Maynard’s novel. Paramount releases Labor Day wide January 31 after a limited run in December. Here’s the first trailer:

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10 months
Oh my gosh..This trailer is really bad. Thia trailer tells me ..DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE..
Noah Tannenbaum
10 months
I can't give you a family. But you already have.
Reluctant Naysayer
10 months
I'm shocked at how bad that trailer looks! I didn't really know anything about this movie, but...