Once upon a time, studios, networks, and TV stars didn’t want anyone to see their busted pilots, preferring to send them off to die quietly — and alone, like an elephant. But a pair of failed pilots have been put online in the past two weeks — and legally too! Today, Sarah Silverman got 20th TV‘s blessing to post Susan 313, a 2012 pilot she did at the studio for NBC that was a no-go. Written by Dan Sterling and loosely based on Silverman’s life, it’s about a woman whose long-term relationship ends and she moves back into the apartment she had the foresight not to give up. Earlier this month, Greg Garcia got CBS to put online his single-camera pilot Super Clyde. That one follows a shy comic book fanatic/fast-food worker who inherits a fortune from an uncle and embarks on a new life as a superhero with the help of his butler, played by Stephen Fry. Rule of journalism: Three makes a trend!

Anyway, here is what broadcasters were NOT looking for — Susan 313 below and Super Clyde here.

11 months
This show was a "put pilot," and it was a shock to see it not picked up....
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Elephants don't die quietly or alone, they're being slaughtered by the tens of thousands every year in...
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how can you "binge watch" one episode?