The former West Wing star didn’t mince words, even if they were obviously in jest. In an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman set to run tonight, Rob Lowe told Dave that the real reason both he and Rashida Jones are splitting NBC‘s Parks & Recreation later this season is because “Amy Poehler has deeply offended both of us.” Lowe then went on to call the past and future Golden Globes co-host “a prick.” Of course, Letterman wasn’t buying it. He responded with – just watch the clip, you’ll see:

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3 years
Not funny, not amusing. Dave sounds 100 years old. He should retire ASAP.
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3 years
Thumbelina is cute, funny, nice, and decent. Should improve her taste in men however.
3 years
It might be funnier if Rob Lowe tried to be funny without his hairpiece on. I thought...