Former Smash executive producer/ showrunner Joshua Safran has sold two hourlong projects, one to ABC with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage‘s Fake Empire and one to Fox with Peter Chernin’s Chernin Entertainment.

ABC’s Social Circle, co-produced by ABC Studios, is a high-concept thriller about a group of friends from college, now in their late 20s, who regroup and discover they really don’t know each other at all. The project reunites Gossip Girl alum Safran with the series’ co-creators/exec producers Schwartz and Savage with whom he also worked on the Fake Empire-produced Endless Love remake at Universal, now in production. “Joshua has a strong, sophisticated voice and a real feel for this world,” Savage said. For Fake Empire, Social Circle joins a comedy it just sold to ABC through the company’s ABC Studios deal.

Fox’s Royal, co-produced by 20th Century Fox TV, is described as a sexy and sophisticated soap about a Kate Middleton-type, caught having an affair, who is thrown out of the royal family and forced to take the only job she can get — as assistant and minder to the temperamental, suicidal, drug-and-sex-addicted up-and-coming designer Thomas King, also running from his own past. Safran is repped by UTA.

2 years
These are DOA. Too bad Cult didn't work out. He'd have been better as the showrunner that...
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Okay -- you got to be kidding about ROYAL. "You made that up as you went along."
bad premises already?
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If some gal in line to be Queen Consort got caught in a spicy scandal, I guar-an-TEE...