Fox‘s The Simpsons will be pushing Showtime‘s Homeland tonight in “Homerland,” the toon’s 25th season premiere episode. Kristen Wiig guests as an FBI agent who taps Lisa to investigate Homer’s suspicious behavior after he returns from a nuclear power plant operating convention. An hour after “Homerland” airs, Homeland‘s Season 3 debuts on Showtime opposite Fox’s post-Simpsons Family Guy/American Dad block. Here’s a full preview clip of tonight’s unusual crossover (beware autoplay):

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3 years
it was actually pretty good.....different writer this time, which means that next weeks Treehouse of Horrors will...
Bad Samaritan
3 years
You sir, are the idiot! The Simpsons is better written than most of the so-called comedies on...
Bill H
3 years
Why is this show still on, who are the idiots who are watching it? The Simpsons was...