UPDATE, 12:01 PM: Call Of Duty might want to go back to basic training. Grand Theft Auto V has now made more than $1 billion in worldwide retail sales in just three days. That’s a target that previous record holder Call Of Duty: Black Ops II took 15 days to hit after its November 2012 release. Already shattering the previous first day sales record and beating Man Of Steel with its $800 million opening, the latest installment in Rockstar Game’s GTA franchise has now surpassed No. 2 movie of the year so far Despicable Me 2s $840 million global box office. The game is now creeping up on 2013’s top movie Iron Man 3′s $1.2 billion worldwide take.

PREVIOUSLY, WEDNESDAY PM: Looks like the fictional LA of Los Santos left Call Of Duty and Superman in the dust. First-day sales of Grand Theft Auto V pulled in a record $800 million worldwide, according to publisher Take-Two Interactive. Released Tuesday, the latest version of the ultra-violent franchise soundly beat previous first-day record holder Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, which sold $500M on its first day last November. 

The GTA V result already sets it in front of Man Of Steel, which, with a worldwide haul of $663 million, is the No. 3 biggest movie of 2013 so far. “We are incredibly proud of Rockstar Games’ creative achievement and could not be more pleased with the success of this launch,” said Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick in an understatement today. The last GTA release was back in 2008 when the fourth installment saw a staggered release around the world. By the way, that $800 million worldwide figure for GTA V doesn’t include big video game markets Japan and Brazil, where the game has yet to street.

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Calm down, its simply a way to simulate life without consequences, the ultimate human desire. Sure its...
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I hear that comedy in video games causes outbreaks of comedy on the streets.

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