EXCLUSIVE: Fox has preemptively acquired the Michael Koryta thriller novel Those Who Wish Me Dead. Film Rites’ Garrett Basch & Steve Zaillian will produce. The novel revolves around a teenage murder witness lost in the Montana wilderness, the twin assassins hunting him, a survival expert tasked with protecting him, and a forest fire that threatens to consume them all. Little Brown publishes the novel in May 2014.

There was action on this book, but the author and his reps went with Film Rites and Fox. As a writer, Zaillian wrote that draft of Exodus that Ridley Scott is now directing. Film Rites is producing the Darren Aronofsky-directed Red Sparrow and the Adrian Lyne-directed Deep Water.

Deal was made for Koryta by Angela Cheng Caplan, David Hale Smith, and Lawrence Rose. Mark Roybal spearheaded the acquisition and will oversee the project for Fox.

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Although I agree his books are hard to adapt, if ever there was a Koryta book to...
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Love Koryta. Young Stephen King
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Thank God these people are making MOVIES unlike the comedians running Universal now. The art form is...