Hot Toronto Clip: 'The Face Of Love'

EXCLUSIVE: In what promises to be a moving, adult romance (remember those?) Annette Bening stars as a widow who learns to love again with an art teacher played by Ed Harris who is a near-double for the  husband she lost. What happens leads to surprising consequences and unexpected turns. Bening and Harris are said to both turn in terrific performances and IFC is hoping buzz will build out of Canada as they finalize release plans for The Face Of Love, a Toronto International Film Festival World Premiere. Here’s your first look at the film which debuts here on Tuesday.

Watch this video on YouTube.

  1. Every time Annette Bening makes a great turn I expect Hillary Swank to come with some excuse to spoil the party.

  2. If the rest of the movie is as good as this scene, Annette should be nominated for an academy award. Ed Harris is as good here as he’s ever been … and that’s always strong. This could be … this should be … one outstanding movie. I can’t wait to see it.

  3. You see a scene like that and you are reminded of what movies used to be like when they were made for grown ups.

    Both actors look to be on their game. Hope the film is great.

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