Primetime Emmys 2013: Reality Check – 'The Voice' Knocks Off 'The Amazing Race'

For the first time since the creation of the best reality-competition category, a singing competition won the Emmy tonight. The Voice — aka, the singing competition NBC bought when it lost the bidding war to get Simon Cowell’s The X Factor — became only the second non-The Amazing Race series to win this category. CBS’ Amazing Race has won this derby nine times. “We’re back on Monday. Keep us No. 1,” exec producer Mark Burnett plugged onstage, thanking NBC for “for taking a risk” when it bought the overseas format. “The Voice is like producing an awards show on the fly with massive pyrotechnics and massive effects,” Burnett said backstage. He scoffed at any comparisons to Fox’s once-ratings-dominant singing competition, American Idol. “This is a very different show. It’s a kind show. There’s no humiliation in The Voice. People said these kinds of shows couldn’t work without humiliation, and that’s not true.” Burnett said he never felt any real comparison to Idol was genuine.

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  1. I respect Mark Burnett. He is right. But there is no comparison between “The Voice” and “American Idol” because although “The Voice” may be entertaining, it has yet to crown a single recording artist that anyone can remember. When these shows have faded from the airwaves, only one will be remembered, “American Idol.”

    Why? Lets see, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Phillip Phillips, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson, David Cook, Katherine McPhee and others. They have all reached varying levels of success but even many of “American Idol’s” losers are infinitely more memorable and talented than any past winners of Mr. Burnett’s rip-off, a-hem, I mean show.

    1. The Voice never sold itself on being a star maker. It was always about giving professional singers a proper chance in the recording industry on elements based on more than just their looks of saleability. If anything it’s disappointing that the last two winners were the younger singers that more fit the American Idol mold.

      1. I love all the back-paddling with The Voice, never “selling itself” as a star maker. Who are you kidding? What’s the point then?
        “Potential” Voice contestant inner monologue,
        “I can’t wait to be coached by Christina Aguliera, so I can sing on TV for 3 months and then gloriously, return to my life of being insignificant and easily forgotten. Gosh, Dreams DO come true.”

        Voice Home Audience inner monologue:
        “I can not wait to waste my time and VOTE for that guy/girl to fall off the face of the planet by season’s end.”

        Golly Gee Willikers, what a genius waste of purpose.
        They should just rename the series,
        — 15 Minutes of Fame or Flash in the Pan.

        If The Voice doesn’t find itself, some sort of star, the audiences infatuation with Adam Levine will wane.

        1. I agree with you. Whats the point of the show if its not going to jump start a career.So far it hasn’t . The talent isn’t bad- but not great either. Funny that the judges think they are – but their taste is questionable. Judith Hill the best of last year didn’t even make it through and she had a great voice.

          1. Totally agree with Obvi and Rob!!!

            And Judith Hill, by far the most PURELY talented singer whose been on
            any of these horrible singing competition shows, was ROBBED!!!

            The majority of the contestants are amateurs. Judith is a professional with REAL talent who deserves a recording contract and
            has a natural talent that we’ve not seen in our country since Whitney Houston reigned supreme.

        2. “Flash in the Pan” Brilliant! This is a perfect illustration why many awards are meaningless and ratings aren’t necessarily a good gauge of quality. Even on its best ratings day, “Flash In The Pan” aka “The Voice” will never top “American Idol’s” historic run. There was a time when people rushed home to watch AI and talked about it at water coolers the following morning. Yes, those days are pretty much over but all good things eventually come to an end and the plethora of singing competitions didn’t do it any favors by accelerating the ratings decline. Audiences are ready for something new. I think AI should call it quits after this season, take some time off until “X Factor” “America’s Got Talent” and “The Voice” expire and come back retooled in a few years for a new generation.

        3. What is the point of the Voice?
          To get good ratings, by entertaining viewers. Why should the Voice have to produce a successful artist?
          I understand the contestants want to be successful but…from the perspective of the producers, the ratings are pretty much the point. And from the perspective of a viewer, the entertainment value is the point. The Voice is entertaining and positive, it’s great escapism.
          In all those seasons of American Idol, the only ones who recorded songs that I can even remember the names are Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson. So I think the overall success of AI stars isn’t really the point of that show either.

  2. The Voice has a better concept. American Idol doesn’t.

    That is like comparing The Voice to X-Factor, which uses the same formula as American Idol. It brings nothing new to the table that Star Search has already done.

  3. They only won because they had to change how the category was judged to keep Amazing Race from winning. It’s a hollow victory. No one was getting upset at the Daily Show for their 10 wins. Not to say that The Voice isn’t good, but the win is tainted by petty jealousy from an entire category of sore losers.

  4. I’m curious as to which cycle of The Voice actually won. If it was the most recent with Shakira and Usher, that says something.

    1. The Voice won for the Season 3 cycle, which had coaches: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Ceelo Green and Christina Aguilera.

  5. You guys are idiots. The voice is the best show on tv! It’s about talent. Daniele bradberry is all over the place!

  6. Your enumerating names. What does that mean. The issue is the
    Voice as a show is better than AI RIGHT NOW. I
    News for you: it is. AI is spent creatively. It is tired. Not a GOOD SHOW anymore. Aactually never been an Emmy contender. Focus..

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