CBS Pre-Empting '60 Minutes' For NFL And Primetime Emmy Awards

CBS announced this morning it will pre-empt 60 Minutes this Sunday for NFL football and the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. Scrubbing this Sunday’s newsmag edition gives CBS its best hope for starting the Emmy broadcast on time, despite the later start time — 4:25 PM — for the NFL’s double-header games. On the bright side, going straight from football to the Emmycast will give the trophy show about a 20 million viewer lead-in — which the Emmys could use, since it will not only compete for viewers with NBC’s Sunday football but also the penultimate episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad as well as Showtime’s Dexter series swan-song. 60 Minutes pre-emptions are fairly rare: Sundays in which CBS has broadcast rights to the Super Bowl, AFC championship nights, etc.

  1. Personally won’t effect me

    I live on west coast after the game I watch local news then watch breaking bad on East coast feed on AMC HD TV LOL!

  2. Anyone who paid attention this past Sunday at the end of 60 Minutes would have heard Scott Pelley say that they would be back in 2 weeks for the (47th) season premiere of 60 Minutes. It wasn’t hard for me to figure out then that there would be a pre-emption this coming Sunday because of the Emmys.

  3. CBS would never have dreamed of doing such a thing if Mike Wallace were still with us! I will forever wonder what exactly was 60 Minutes going to air that caused the autocratic corporate machine to shudder in fear and put forth such a panicked response?

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