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Once again last night, The Daily Show host went after CNN for its coverage of a breaking news event — this time it was the fatal shootings on Monday at Washington D.C’s Navy Yard. Similar to the way he nailed Jeff Zucker’s cable news network and others back in April over their on-air announcement of an arrest that hadn’t actually happened in the Boston Marathon bombing case, Jon Stewart Tuesday went after the confusion and randomness of CNN’s handling of the September 16 tragedy. And when someone uses the term “abusive relationship” to…well, you know we’ve got a problem Atlanta. Watch here:

2 years
BEE-AUTIFUL! Indeed!!! Amazing!!!! They deserved this!! New media sensationalized stories!!!! Totally owned!!! you totally owned senator Lindsay...
No way
2 years
'I call foul', 'Please' and 'Jared's' comments are blaming Stewart when Zucker and CNN are at fault....
2 years
For someone who hates CNN so much, Jon Stewart sure watched it all the time! And he...