Chuck Lorre's 'Big Bang' Emmy Speech

Coming off its highest-rated and arguably its strongest season creatively, The Big Bang Theory, which nabbed the Critics Choice TV Award in June, was a prime contender for the best series Emmy on Sunday. It wasn’t to be, with Modern Family repeating as a winner for a fourth time, but you can’t blame co-creator/exec producer Chuck Lorre for going prepared (or maybe he jotted down a few notes just in case after dark horse winner Merritt Wever’s train-wreck onstage appearance). At the end of Big Bang‘s seventh season premiere last night, Lorre posted “The Emmy Speech That Stayed In My Pocket.” It includes reminders to breathe and not cry and lists the people he didn’t want to forget thanking — the TV Academy, the fans, CBS‘ Leslie Moonves and Nina Tassler, Warner Bros’ Peter Roth and PR team Tammy Golihew and Susan Kesser, the cast, the crew, the writing staff including new showrunner Steve Molaro, and guest star Bob Newhart, who won his first Emmy this year for his guest role on Big Bang. The show itself wasn’t meant to score its first Emmy on Sunday (it brought home another award for star Jim Parsons). But there is time. Many hit multi-camera comedies had to wait a long time for their first best series Emmy. Everybody Loves Raymond was first recognized after Season 7, Friends after Season 8. So Lorre may want to hold onto that speech.

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    1. agreed. although it was always relationshippy it was failed and chasing, as opposed to in… and failure and struggling is always funnier.

  1. The Big Bang Theory was funnier when Howard and Raj were bit players as opposed to the focus…

    As for the snide ‘train wreck’ comment – Merrit Weavers emmy acceptance was the best speech ever in the history of pompous self congratulatory awards shows…anyone who can’t see that is just too busy sucking up to the wrong people

  2. Now that they’ve “paired up” everyone, it would be more interesting to change the work dynamic.

    Perhaps a couple of them join a tech startup?

    Otherwise, it’s becoming increasingly about how nerds learn to conform to societal standards and sublimate their own desires and interests.

    1. For the record, Raj is not currently “paired up”. Yes, his former GF is returning in November, but it doesn’t appear to stick. Since he can talk to women now sans alcohol, the two of them have nothing in common.

  3. nellie, what was train-wreck about a genuinely surprised and totally unprepared that was cut short by a winner at a total loss for words? would you have rather she rambled incoherently instead? she said thank you and sat down long before “stick man” played her off.

  4. Really Nellie? Train wreck onstage appearance? It was refreshing to see some humility and sincerity. It was also the only speech people will remember. I don’t mean to sound rude here, but mayhaps you’ve been in Hollywood a wee bit too long if that’s what you consider a trainwreck.

  5. What a great concept! We can all publish our acceptance speeches for awards we didn’t win. Hell, let’s all publish acceptance speeches for awards we were never nominated for.

    I’m sorry, but TBBT is God awful dreck. To see it mentioned next to Raymond and Friends made my eyes burn.

    1. This right here. The show’s characters are smart but the writing is lowest-common-denominator junk.

      Just because it gets good ratings doesn’t mean it deserves an Emmy… unless the writer also thinks Honey Boo Boo is overdue for an Emmy.

  6. The show is a lot more about sex now than it used to be. I feel sad for the cast sometimes. The season premiere’s kicker was a topless Kaley C. scene that was gratuitous and leering. Best TBBT seasons may already be on DVD.

  7. Merritt Wever’s train-wreck onstage appearance?

    Are you joking? That’s the only thing about the Emmy’s that was worth remembering – someone who had no idea she would win and showed real emotion.

  8. How awesome that Lorre thought to include Tammy and Susan! Publicists are truly the unsung heroes. Tammy and Susan are two of the best in the business and Lorre is the best too for recognizing that. Next year is the year for Emmy and Big Bang.

  9. I’d like to think Chuck Lorre doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks of his shows and his actions. He’s worked long and hard on his craft and has many millions of dollars to show for it. He’s kept several hundred people employed for years, which is significant. That his shows are endless rivers of toxic ass-leak, crude over clever, must mean nothing to him. Low brow is a brow. Shit/dick joke to come.

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