With today’s Men’s Final of the U.S. Open Tennis still going on, CBS opted to post its full interview with President Barack Obama on Syria online instead of on-air on the East Coast. The 10-minute-plus clip with anchor Scott Pelley and Obama went up right after the 3 PM PT/6 PM ET embargo the networks and the cable news stations agreed to with the White House expired. While it will be seen on the West Coast, the CBS Evening News will not be shown at all tonight on the East Coast. (UPDATE 4:15 PM The network did interrupt the Tennis briefly on that side of the country with a CBS News Special Report at 6:52 PM ET that showed two minutes of the interview.) NBC and ABC did not put their interviews with Obama up online before their regularly scheduled 6:3O PM ET newscasts. Both CNN and Fox News Channel aired portions of their respective interviews with Obama at 3:02 PM PT/6:02 PM ET.

Watch the CBS interview here:

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3 years
Yet more proof that TV (broadcast AND cable) is increasingly irrelevant. Much easier to just get the...
3 years
We're about to potentially launch an attack on a country and CBS does this? Lame. Did they...
3 years
I called CBS NY to complain about the interruption. Very aggravating and during a crucial moment.

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