ENTV: Pete Hammond On Emmy Drama Series Contenders

Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond sits down with ENTV host Melana Scantlin to talk about the drama categories in a preview of likely winners in this year’s Primetime Emmys. Pete says good timing likely tips a tough and tight race for Best Drama Series to Breaking Bad, but look out for House Of Cards, which might have something to say in some of the acting categories. Fine performances by the key people in Mad Men aren’t likely to get rewarded, Pete suggests, but voters may check in to Bates Motel for an acting win there.

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  1. “The second season of Homeland wasn’t as good as the first season.” Really, Pete? Seriously? I’ve give those two the acting Emmys just for that one interrogation scene.

  2. Wayyy too little talk about Game of Thrones. I do think people will be swayed by all the recent Breaking Bad buzz (because voters are weak like that), but come on–Game of Thrones needs to be in the mix for episode nine alone, the likes of which has not been seen on TV.

  3. I still think its GOT’s year. For the Red Wedding episode. There is nothing else out there with that impact. There should be a cast acting award for this show. There are all at the same level and its hard to pick just one

  4. All said before this week’s episode of Breaking Bad which blew the Red Wedding out of the water. Also Vera Farmiga is NOT winning an Emmy. Come on now.

  5. The overall best show, with a number of Emmy-worthy performances, isn’t even nominated – The Walking Dead. It’s way more intense, and the stakes are much higher than in Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, though those are both great shows too. And as shocking as the “Red Wedding” scene in GoT was, that was just one scene. That sort of thing happens on Walking Dead all the time. Hopefully, this upcoming season of The Walking Dead will be standout and the Emmys will take notice.

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