Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Approached To Return As Golden Globe Hosts

EXCLUSIVE: Twenty million viewers can’t be wrong. Following the warm critical reception and big ratings for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler‘s first hosting turn at the Golden Globes earlier this year, the comedy stars have been approached for a second go as emcees of the awards show. Unlike Ricky Gervais’ original deal, which had an option for a second turn as Globes host, I hear Fey and Poehler originally agreed to host this year’s ceremony as a one-time thing with no obligation to come back. But, given their success, it’s no surprise that NBC and Golden Globes producer Dick Clark Prods are asking them to return. I hear there are no active conversations between the network and the funny ladies who have received an informal invitation versus a formal offer as NBC and DCP are looking to gauge their interest. Both Fey and Pohler are very busy: 30 Rock creator Fey, in the first season under a mega four-year deal at Universal TV, already has sold two high-profile comedy projects and is expected to pitch more shows, including one written by her. Poehler is the star-producer of NBC’s Parks And Recreation, and the two also have active movie careers. But unlike the Oscars, which are a massive undertaking requiring about three months of prep work for the host(s), the Golden Globes are not as labor intensive for the hosts, who don’t have as big a role on the free-wheeling show. In fact, until the 2010 show hosted by Gervais, the Golden Globes were held without a host, showcasing the movie and TV stars aided by the abundance of alcohol at the ceremony. A Globes hosting gig normally is a couple-week commitment, which makes it manageable for in-demand personalities like Fey and Poehler. NBC and DCP are expected to open more active conversations with the pair next month as the goal is to have a host in place by end of November, before nominations are announced in December. Last year, Fey and Poehler were announced as emcees in mid-October. With the two onstage, this year’s ceremony drew 19.7 million viewers, up 17% from last year and one of the most watched Globes ever. In the key adults 18-49 demo, the ceremony posted a 6.4 rating, up 28% from 2012. Here are highlights of some of Fey and Poehler’s zingers:

    1. I don’t think it has to do with their vaginas though. If Louis CK did a mediocre job hosting, everyone would be all up his butt too.

      They need to get Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to do this shiznit. That puppet is funny.

  1. I’d enjoy it. But with the world having become 24/7 snark, I really can’t imagine why ANYONE truly worthy of hosting any of the awards shows would ever accept an invitation to do so. From Twitter, to FB, from bloggers, to the conventional MSM outlets – all desperate to up their click counts, “shares” and re-tweets – kvetching and whining and condemning and ridiculing and loud, ugly belligerence have become the national pastime, with every anonymous moron considered the equal of the most esteemed critic, as long as their darts are cruel enough, and/or prompt a horse laugh.

    Frankly, I pity the NSA for all the stupidity they have to monitor.

  2. Good move considering these type of shows target women. Personally- I thought they were lame. But I’m on an island as everyone in this town thinks Tina Fey is God. When she can sell movie tickets…call me. BTW- Mean Girls doesn’t count as that was a piss poor watered down version of Heathers.

  3. Ugh, they are so overrated and lame. I agree with a previous commenter: if they weren’t women, they’d be booed off the scene.

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