Telluride: No 'Prisoners' Hugh Jackman Or Jake Gyllenhaal For Special Screening

Also at the Telluride Film Festival picnic I ran into Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve and its producers, Alcon’s Andrew Kosove and Kira Davis. The trio were anxiously awaiting the festival’s reaction to their incredibly tense thriller. I had speculated pic would be a surprise entry here and indeed it as now been officially announced as one of Friday night’s screenings. (The festival also confirmed my earlier prediction that Fox Searchlight’s 12 Years A Slave will screen Friday, ratcheting up the Oscar-wattage considerably). I am told Prisoners stars Hugh Jackman is in Japan promoting The Wolverine and Jake Gyllenhaal is starting a new film and also couldn’t make the trek to Telluride. But both will be at the Toronto premiere next week along with the rest of the impressive cast. Villeneuve is no stranger to Telluride and was last here in 2010 for his Oscar-nominated Incendies.

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  1. I’ve seen “Prisoners” and it’s pretty grim stuff that’s hard to describe as “entertaining” yet powerful and impressive. (And no, I don’t work for Alcon/WB) JG and HJ are both great, as are Terence Howard, Paul Dano and Melissa Leo. Could all be contenders.

  2. It looks like the movie is getting some strong buzz – I have read the page-turner script and the thriller is very gripping, but it is also character-centred. All of a sudden, the movie is now doing the festival circuit — Toronto, Telluride, Zurich, and San Sebastian ( Hugh is geting special honors in the last two festivals). Looking forward to this movie!

  3. I was fortunate enough to read the Prisoners script and have been anxious to hear reactions to the finished product as it seemed to be such a strong story. It sounds as if WB will be campaigning the major roles (why does your headline say No on Telluride when story says it is in?). Looking forward to your review.

  4. I, too, was fortunate enough to have reviewed the awesome “Prisoners” script; it was a gripping read and a strong story and a page-turner– Ah, hell, who am I kidding, I never read the damn script. I work for Dewey, Cheatham & Hau Public Relations. And I QUIT!

  5. Kudos to French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve for his acclaimed body of work and his ability to direct films in French and English. Excited to see his upcoming compelling films.

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